Hollyoaks set to reveal Tony’s fate after shock death as Breda drops confession

Hollyoaks viewers were left reeling as Tony Hutchinson appeared to be killed off by Breda McQueen after working out she was a serial killer.

Tony figured out she was behind the deaths of residents including his own son Harry Thompson, and Louis Loveday.

But instead of handing herself in, she stabbed Tony and appeared to kill him in scenes that left viewers heartbroken.

Diane has been worrying about her husband ever since, especially knowing a killer could be on the loose.

But in the latest episode, she confronted Breda's son Sylver McQueen over Tony's disappearance.

She questioned if he'd harmed him, after Sylver was accused earlier in the week of being behind the other deaths.

But he protested his innocence, and it wasn't long before his mum Breda clearly had a plan.

As the latest episode drew to a close, Breda decided to drop "the truth" about what happened to Tony on his wife.

She told her: "I need to tell you the awful truth about Tony."

Fans are now fearing the worst and that she'll either confess to the murder, or, most likely, she'll frame Tony for the murders or make up another lie to stop Diane looking for him.

Even if Breda does the latter, it could finally reveal the truth about Tony's fate and whether he is dead or alive.

One fan tweeted: "omg what will Breda tell Diane about Tony??? #Hollyoaks."

Another said: "What on earth is Breda going to tell Diane about Tony I really can’t handle this."

Hollyoaks airs weeknights at 6:30pm on Channel 4, with the next episode at 7pm on E4.

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