Holly Willoughby looks like she's going to be SICK as she's asked to eat dog food live on air – but Phil gets stuck in

HOLLY Willoughby looked like she was going to be SICK after she was asked to eat dog food live on air.

The This Morning star turned green during an interview with a dog chef today, who showed her and co-host Phillip Schofield how to "dine with your dogs".

Holly, 40, and Phil, 58, sat at table packed with doggy bowls full of homemade dog food and platters of swish doggy treats.

But from the off Holly looked like she was going to gag, and Phil rushed off the set to grab her a tissue.

The pair were then introduced to Poppy's Picnic founder Dylan Watkins who filmed from his kitchen and revealed various recipes that both canines and humans can eat together.

But as Holly was presented with a bowl full of green slop, which was in fact a kale smoothie, she wimped out.

Viewers found it hilarious and shared their amusement on Twitter.

One said: "I wouldn’t eat anything out of a dog bowl. I’m with Holly on this. Just put it on a plate fgs"

Another was hoping to see Holly getting sick, writing on Twitter: "Spew! Spew! Spew! Spew!!!!!! #Holly #ThisMorning"

And one more said: "Holly is going to spew isn't she? Although I'd feel strange eating from a dog bowl"

As another scoffed: "Holly’s living for this dog food item 😂 #ThisMorning"

It's not the fist time Holly has wanted to throw up live on air.

Last year the star was asked to swallow a lump of Vitamin C that looked like "orange snot".

Facialist and Skincare expert Caroline Hirons raved about the benefits of taking Vitamin C and Vitamin E orally, as well as applying SPF onto the skin for ALL ages.

But when the hosts came to the final product, they were not as enthusiastic as Caroline handed them two shot glasses.

And she scolded: "I must admit it looks like orange snot. It's NOT that bad! You down it like a tequila."

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