Holly Willoughby leaves This Morning viewers in hysterics with chocolate teeth after scoffing it live on air – The Sun

HOLLY Willoughby left This Morning viewers in hysterics when she got chocolate stuck on her teeth live on air.

The 39-year-old star couldn't resist striking a series of sexy poses after scoffing the sweet treats live on air.

TV chocolate artisan Paul A Young was on the show to detail how viewers could make adorable chocolate pinatas for their loved ones this Valentine's Day,

The segment kicked off with Holly gushing about the strong chocolatey smell in the studio as Paul melted the gooey treat before stirring extra cocoa powder into the mixture.

Holly quickly picked up a spoon as she asked to try some, saying: "I just want a little bit".

As Paul warned her that it will be "very strong" due to the extra cocoa powder, Holly appeared to misjudge where her mouth was as she whacked the chocolate-laden spoon onto her teeth.

Her co-host Phillip Schofield gasped at the gaffe before covering his mouth in shock, quipping: "Straight down the dentist then?"

While Paul asked Holly if she was okay, the blonde beauty smeared the spoon over her teeth again as she made light of the situation.

She then pulled a series of seductive poses as she laughed: "Happy Valentine's Day!"

Holly then rushed to clean the chocolate from her mouth, giggling that their next guest David Schwimmer was going to be in the studio soon and she needed to look her best.

Later in Paul's segment, the TV favourite pretended to steal the rest of the bowl to gorge on before putting it out of sight in order to resist temptation.

She also checked with Phil to make sure that she didn't still have chocolate around her face – clearly self-conscious about the earlier blunder.

Viewers at home found the entire thing hilarious, with one tweeting: "Holly still manages to look good even with chocolate all over her mouth!"

Another added: "Holly is having the time of her life with that choc!"

This is not the first time that Holly has indulged in chocolate live on This Morning, previously struggling to speak after gorging on advent calendars on the show.


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