Here Are a Few Predictions for Which Hunk Should Be the Next Bachelor

This season of The Bachelorette has been brutal. Yes, it’s fun to watch Hannah B. roast the guys every time they do something she disapproves of, but we’ve also had to see some hunks go home while the villain (cough cough, Luke P.) gets a rose every week.

The good news is, at least one of these dudes might end up as our next Bachelor. You know, the whole, “when one door closes, another door opens” thing. Except, in this case, there’s a marriage and a bunch of opportunities for spon-con behind that door. Here are some predictions for who might end up as the Bachelor next season.

Twitter’s Pick: Mike

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This should be an everyday occurrence! ? @sweettenice

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This should be an everyday occurrence! 📸 @sweettenice

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Mike Johnson was made to be the star of The Bachelor. He’s insanely good looking, incredibly sweet, and the perfect balance between respectful and prepared to serve a little shade for the sake of good television. Another reason Mike would make a great Bachelor is that he has a “thing.” Have you noticed that leads always have some kind of “thing” that ABC uses for the show’s promo? (Colton had his virginity; Hannah has the whole pageant thing.) Mike has done a really good job at consistently mentioning the “three ladies” in his life, and IMO, that’s a perfect story line for The Bachelor. Also, Twitter effing loves him.

Me yelling MIKE JOHNSON FOR BACHELOR @BachelorABC #TeamMike

Realizing that the only way I have a chance with Mike Johnson is if I apply to be on the Bachelor #TheBachelorette

Mike Johnson for the next Bachelor! What a class act. #TheBachelorette

The Second Chance Pick: Garrett

Good or bad- smile through it all 😎 📸 @shoreshooters

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Another tactic that ABC seems to use in choosing a Bachelor or Bachelorette is giving someone a second chance. For example, when Arie royally screwed Becca Kufrin, she became the Bachelorette. Garrett was the first guy to tell Hannah that he loves her, and she still went and picked Luke P. over him. Seriously, that was rough, and the guy deserves another chance.

The Cute Li’l BB Pick: Peter

A mile of road will take you a mile. A mile of runway will take you anywhere.

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Peter’s still in the running to become Hannah’s husband, so we can’t know for sure what will happen. But if she breaks his heart…he should totally be the next Bachelor. Imagine all the cool flying he could do around the world if ABC dedicated an entire season just to him?!

I want my own Peter the pilot

The Pity Pick: Cam

“The City of Happiness is located in the State of Mind” – a wise preacher down in Htown 😉 @jglenn_2 🙏🏽

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Cam didn’t get a pity rose…so maybe he could get a pity season of The Bachelor? LMAO, JK. I can’t even convince myself of this one. He will be on Bachelor in Paradise, though, so maybe he’ll still get to redeem himself.

The “Oh, I Forgot About Him!” Pick

Happy Memorial Day! We are blessed to be free, this day is about celebrating that freedom in memory of those who have fallen. I can’t thank those men and women enough. Being proud to be an American is the ultimate salute of appreciation. Be safe and cherish this freedom. God Bless

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Ah, remember Jordan Kimball? He was on Becca’s season of The Bachelorette and then got engaged to Jenna Cooper on Bachelor in Paradise. They’ve since broken up, which sucks for him…but it is potentially great for the single women who may be on next season of The Bachelor. It could happen!

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