Harry Redknapp blasts scary cancel culture as he defends Graeme Souness

GB News: Harry Redknapp calls cancel culture 'scary'

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Recently, Graeme Souness made a remark on the sport that caused outrage with people on social media. Given the England women’s Euro 2022 victory, people are blasting the star for suggesting that football is a male sport. Speaking about his controversial remarks, Harry Redknapp admits that everything you say now gets blown out of proportion.

After author Anna May Mangan accused Graeme of ‘mansplaining’ his comments, the GB host wanted to get Harry Redknapp’s thoughts on the subject.

The 75-year-old told Dan that he believes it is still the greatest game in the world as he calls the atmosphere fantastic.

He added that although you’ll always get a few people that spoilt it for the majority, that’s the way it has been.

Harry added: “It is very tribal the men’s game and that’ll never change.

“The supporters go there and they do chant and they do give a bit of abuse to each other but that’s the way it is, that’s not going to change.”

The former England manager told Dan that you have to be careful with what you say now as things get blown out of proportion.

Touching on what Graeme said, Harry added: “You open your mouth, you say one word wrong and everybody’s jumping on you.

“It’s quite scary and to be honest, I don’t envy Graeme and the rest of the guys that work on TV.”

It looked as though Dan and the other guest Nicola McLean seemed to agree with Harry’s comments as they both nodded their heads while he was speaking.

The discussion comes after Graeme shared his thoughts on the clash that occurred on the pitch over the weekend between Chelsea and Tottenham.

After the 2-2 match, there was an altercation between both managers of Thomas Tuchuel and Antonio Conte, who ended up getting sent off by referee Anthony Taylor.

Analysing the game, Graeme said: “It’s a man’s game all of a sudden again.

“I think we’ve got our football back, as I would enjoy football, men at it, blow for blow, and the referee letting them get on with it.”

Although his comments quickly received backlash, including Lioness Bethany England who lashed out at his remarks.

She tweeted: “Get in the bin, What a disgraceful thing to say after the summer this country has just seen.”

Harry defended his friend on GB news as he told Dan that there’s no way he’s anti-women’s football.

Since the controversial remarks, Graeme has tried to clarify what he meant during an interview.

When asked by talkSPORT on Monday if he had any regrets about what he said, the star said he didn’t.

He explained: “My comments yesterday were saying we’ve got our game back. That is the kind of football I remember playing in. We’ve got to be better for it. The directive to the referees is long overdue, we’ve got our game back.

“I enjoyed two games of football yesterday where men were playing men and they got about themselves and were falling out with each other.”

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