'Grey's Anatomy's Camilla Luddington Shuts Down Criticism About KN95 Mask Use on Set

The season premiere of Grey’s Anatomy went down last week and so. much. happened. By which I mean McDreamy made a surprise appearance from beyond the grave, it’s casual. But in the midst of general fan excitement, some people have voiced concern about the show’s mask use on set—with one fan directly tweeting Camilla Luddington (who plays Jo) “You don’t need to be wearing a N95/KN95 mask behind the scenes. You don’t need to be wasting PPE. A disposable mask will work just fine.”

Camilla’s response? To politely explain that KN95 masks worn behind-the-scenes were “costume masks.”

“If you see any of us wearing KN95s behind the scenes it’s because we are wearing our costume masks,” she said. “We don’t also get an extra KN95 to wear between takes.”

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