Gogglebox viewers slam disgusting animal cruelty scenes

Gogglebox: The cast react to painful venomous lizard bite

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Gogglebox has returned to Channel 4, with viewers’ favourite commentators back to give their views on the week’s television. One programme they all tuned into called Kings of Pain saw two men deliberately getting themselves stung or bitten by insects, snakes and lizards to see how much pain they could handle. One scene saw the men in intense pain following a lizard bite, and Gogglebox fans quickly blasted the segment as “stupid” and “disgusting”. Others remarked they shouldn’t have aired the footage on the popular Channel 4 show.

The programme sees the cast trying to get attacked by the animals in order to withstand intense pain.

Gogglebox favourite Sophie Sandiford joked to her brother, Peter: “This is like the TripAdvisor of stings, isn’t it?”

While Ellie Warner asked her sister Izzie: “Don’t you remember when you got stung by a wasp on your tongue on the beach at Scarborough eating a Calippo?”

“Vividly!” Izzie replied. Some of the Gogglebox stars weren’t impressed with the show, though.

One scene saw a lizard locking its teeth into one of the Kings of Pain stars, who could be heard yelling: “Get it off!”

“Is it the pain of the bite or is it the poison that’s now inside him?” asked a worried Simon Minty.

The man in the programme then began to throw up as Jenny Newby commented: “Oh my God!”

“No, it’s serious, they’ve had to put him on a drip!” Marcus Luther pointed out.

“It does look quite nasty,” Ellie remarked before adding: “But I have no sympathy.”

The injured TV star could then be seen trying to convince his colleague not to get bitten.

“It’s not worth it, don’t do it,” he commented, still receiving medical assistance.

However, the second man decided he would still go along with it to see if he could handle the pain.

Those tuning in at home were also baffled by the show, and some argued it shouldn’t have been shown.

Twitter user @ssamstern wrote: “Seriously #Gogglebox all the things to have them watch is self-inflicted deadly bites? Disgusting. Not Friday night viewing.”

@steve_evo fumed: “F***ing stupid p***** #gogglebox” while @Okiedokieyep simply commented: “Wtf #Gogglebox.”

@GavinEvs shared: “Kings of Pain, King’s of fkn stupidity more like #gogglebox.” (sic)

@JillHudson21 posted: “What a pair of p***s! #kingsofpain #Gogglebox.”

“What on earth did the Kings of pain think was gonna happen?? Such a stupid programme #Gogglebox,” @karnyd88 tweeted.

@sajadixo commented: “Animal cruelty is not entertainment #Gogglebox.”

@Makaton11 warned: “Impressionable young people will be doing this on TikTok soon. Without an antidote #gogglebox.”

Gogglebox airs on Fridays at 9pm on Channel 4.

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