GMB fans slam snowflake guest on self-imposed lockdown to save Christmas

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Good Morning Britain fans were left in uproar after one guest revealed he had put himself in a self-imposed lockdown as the number of Omicron cases continue to rise in the UK.

During the latest instalment of the popular ITV morning show, hosts Charlotte Hawkins and Ben Shephard returned to bring viewers the latest news headlines.

Throughout the show, one topic appeared to be at the forefront of viewers minds as the public’s fears of another Christmas lockdown continue to fester after Covid restrictions are reintroduced nationwide.

As viewers prepare to enter into the last week in the run up to the festive celebration, the TV duo welcomed a number of experts and guests to get their views on whether England should be put into lockdown this year.

But it was guest speaker, Benjamin Butterworth who divided fans after he explained why he had put himself into lockdown due to the increasing spread of the new Covid-19 variant.

He went on to argue that restaurants and pubs should also close because they aren't attracting many customers anyway due to the risk of catching the virus.

Speaking about why he was putting himself into lockdown, he began: "I think things have fundamentally changed in the last week.

"The ups and downs of the Covid-19 cases over the past year and a half, I haven't seen directly affect my social circle.

"But in the last week, the number of people I know have come down with Omicron is incredible,

"It is clear that the 88,000 cases yesterday are just a fraction of what it really is."

He continued: "So, for me, I have cancelled all the Christmas parties I was going to, all the meals and seeing friends that I was going to. do.

"And that is because I want to make sure I don't end up getting Covid now and being in isolation over Christmas Day and maybe over New Year.

"That would be a disaster. We talked about the shock of last Christmas, I think a lot of us have a trauma from the sudden changes of rules, not being able to see family at short notice.

"So, I think what a lot of people are doing, and certainly what I am doing, is imposing it on myself to reduce the chances that I'll get it."

The TV guest, who lives in central London recalled seeing many of his local pubs and restaurants closed as the impact of the new variant starts to impact local businesses once again.

Benjamin argued that there needs to be more done about the protection for these businesses because millions of people have followed suit and restricted unnecessary contact in the build up to Christmas.

And it's fair to say viewers online were torn with the controversial decision as fans of the show stormed to Twitter to share their thoughts online.

One viewer tweeted: "So Butterworth is having a self-imposed lockdown to save his Christmas, nothing to do with his or his close contacts health? So, what's the point? #gmb."

Another fan fumed: "Ffs snowflake #gmb" while a third chimed in with: "Lockdown can do one."

While one user added: "Anyone who cancels their Christmas plans and seeing FAMILY, then you're an IDIOT #GMB."

However, not everyone disagreed with the TV guest as one fan penned: "Agree with him. I know so many people who have covid at the moment and don't know anyone who isn't cutting back socialising before Christmas."

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