Ghosts star addresses wardrobe malfunction fears ‘My dress was falling apart

Ghosts: BBC release hilarious teaser for second season

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Button House returns to BBC One on Thursday as Alison (played by Charlotte Ritchie) and Mike Cooper (Kiell Smith-Bynoe) celebrate Christmas following the success of season three released earlier this year. However, discussing the special, Lady Fanny star and writer Martha Howe-Douglas has revealed she almost suffered a wardrobe malfunction during the early days of filming the series.

In the special, Jennifer Saunders guest stars as Fanny’s mother.

Fans of the sitcom discover a little more about why Fanny can be so prickly in the moving backstory. 

During a preview of the festive episode, Martha, Pat star Jim Howick, Simon Farnaby, who plays Julian, Kitty actress Lolly Adefope, Thomas star Matthew Baynton and Kiell took a look back at the series.

The ghosts each have their own distinct look in the show as they remain in the clothes they died in. 

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Speaking out on wardrobe malfunctions, Martha noted: “The dress that I wore in the first series was falling apart by the end of the first series.

“Getting it on every day and it was already a bit of relic so our amazing costume department actually replicated that dress for the second series.

“There would have been a severe wardrobe malfunction if they hadn’t made me a new dress.

“At the end of every day somebody would step on it, it was tragic, it was falling apart, it was awful.”

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