'Friends': 3 Sweet Facts About Ross and Rachel's First Kiss

In the history of famous TV couples, there’s no one quite like Ross Geller (David Schwimmer) and Rachel Green (Jennifer Aniston) on Friends.

Certain fans couldn’t stand the messiness of the relationship, or how neither side seemed skilled at communicating with the other. But in the venerable words of Phoebe Buffay: he was her lobster. And that’s why Ross and Rachel got together in the end.

The relationship saw highs and lows over 10 seasons of Friends. But perhaps the most important moment was that very first kiss during season 2 which officially began their romance. And there was more to that scene than meets the eye.

Ross finally finds out Rachel has a crush during season 2

Ross and Rachel knew each other since they were much younger because of Rachel’s friendship with Monica. Through a series of flashbacks, fans learn that Ross was a nerdy upperclassman while Rachel was the popular girl in high school. He used to have a crush on her while she didn’t notice him one bit.

Fast forward to the six single friends living in New York City and times were different. Rachel realized she had a thing for Ross but decided not to tell him in “The One Where Ross Finds Out,” (season 2 episode 7). Meanwhile, she had a total meltdown when Ross decided to get a cat with his girlfriend Julie, which she saw as him making a long-term commitment to another woman.

‘Friends’ producers wanted to use ‘With or Without You’ by U2 during the kiss scene

Ross eventually found out about Rachel’s feelings for him after listening to her drunken voicemail. He decided not to get a cat with Julie and instead headed to Central Perk to tell Rachel the feeling was mutual. The pair shared a passionate kiss outside.

The song playing when they kiss is similar but not identical to the classic “With or Without You” by U2. Producers wanted to use the real song but had to settle for something similar when they couldn’t get the necessary permissions in time, WikiFandom reported.

“With or Without You” is incorporated into the next episode instead. The song showrunners selected for the kiss gets reused in “The One with the Morning After” and the series finale, “The Last One, Part 2.”

Fans are obsessed with Ross and Rachel’s kiss

In 2008, the sweet kiss between Ross and Rachel received national recognition during the Primetime Emmy Awards. That’s when the Academy of Television Arts & Sciences selected TV’s Most Memorable Moments. Ross and Rachel’s kiss outside Central Perk won the number one spot.

And even now, the episode with the kiss remains one of the most-watched and highest-rated in Friends history. It’s all thanks to that very emotional scene that began the tumultuous relationship between Schwimmer and Aniston’s characters.

‘The One Where Ross Finds Out’ was inspired by another show

Every good series takes inspiration from other work. While the drama between Ross and Rachel is unique, the idea for the episode when they kiss came from the I Didn’t Do It episode called “Logan Finds Out.” The premise of the story is the same where the main character realizes that a friend likes him but is already in a relationship. The major difference is that unlike with Ross and Rachel, Logan and Jasmine do not kiss at the end.

Ross and Rachel’s kiss on Friends will go down in history as one of the most memorable TV moments ever.

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