Flack season 2: Who plays Eve in Flack? Everything to know about Ripper Street star

Flack season two sees the action return to the cutthroat world of PR as viewers catch up with the eccentric characters. Among the returning roles is the hardened Eve (played by Lydia Wilson), who is back with her classic one-liners and killer outfits. Express.co.uk recently spoke to the actor to find out more, Here’s everything you need to know about the character in the new outing.

Who plays Eve in Flack season 2?

Lydia Wilson was one of the stand-out stars of the first season of Flack thanks to her portrayal of Eve.

The platinum blonde PR is known for not taking any nonsense as well as her witty jabs at colleagues and clients alike.

Now, heading into the new series, she is back with a vengeance on the W Channel.

The second season of Flack picks up six weeks after the dramatic wedding which ended the first outing.

Viewers meet Eve again as she’s still dealing with the fallout of what happened and is on a difficult journey to reconciliation with Robyn (Anna Paquin).


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Express.co.uk recently spoke to actor Lydia Wilson to find out what to expect for her character in season two.

She said: “When I read the second series I felt a little bit punched in the gut to be honest.

“It was so much darker and more painful to read the stuff that happened with Melody [Rebecca Benson] and the stuff that happened with [the others].

“It’s like he [creator and writer Oliver Lansley] opened a trap door underneath all of the characters and showed you what was in the basement.”

Part of this for Eve is finding out more about her mother, which Wilson admitted reveals quite a lot about how she came to be the way she is.

She explained: “We meet her mum and we find out that she’s under a lot of pressure from the background she was raised in and the limited roles there are for women in that lifestyle.”

Another of her major storylines this season sees her reconcile with Melody as she welcomes her back into the company.

For the star, this is one of the relationships which highlights how Eve is quite soft-hearted under her harsh exterior.


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She said: “I love that relationship because I think the way to Eve’s heart is through Melody and it takes her by surprise as much as anyone else.

“It’s a safe place for Eve to open her heart because she usually puts it in all the wrong places.”

Wilson is well-known for starring in a number of films and series since she graduated from the Royal Academy of Dramatic Art in 2009.

This includes playing as Princess Susannah in Black Mirror, Mimi Morton in Ripper Street and Matilda in Requiem.

Wilson has also appeared in some major films including Never Let Me Go, About Time and Star Trek Beyond.

However, for her, Eve stands out among the other characters she’s played because of her straight-talking and honest nature.


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She explained: “She’s so fun because she always says the thing you’d wish that you said.

“I play quite a lot of very sensitive characters and it’s nice.

“But it’s [also] nice to have a break from that and just be a bit more flippant and be the one who gets away with murder.”

And it seems viewers will certainly be seeing a lot more of this as Eve gets in plenty more sticky situations in the remainder of season two.

Flack airs on Monday nights at 10pm on the W Channel and is available for catch-up on UKTV Play.

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