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ALL hell could break loose this week as Phil Mitchell finally rumbles DCI Samantha Keeble's true intentions.

Meanwhile, Freddie Slater comes back to Walford ahead of a big wedding. Get the lowdown on the EastEnders drama.

1. Keeble comes clean…

The detective portrayed by Alison Newman returned to cause Phil Mitchell (played by Steve McFadden) some trouble.

In recent episodes, she managed to convince him to become a police informant, letting him out of prison in exchange.

But Phil has attempted to remain two steps ahead of her and succeeds in getting her to come clean.

This week, BBC One viewers will take a trip back to 1979 as the broadcaster airs a flashback episode focused on the Mitchell family.

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Phil is firstly reeling from the shock of finding out who she wants him information on.

This prompts DCI Keeble to go back in time and tell him all about her vendetta.

The Mitchells are hit hard by a Britain in economic turmoil and matriarch Peggy makes a return as she tries to keep a busy household running.

To make matters more harrowing for her, her marriage to Eric is showing a few cracks.

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Phil gets a job at a garage and Eric decides to take him and his brother Grant out on a "job" to give them some work experience, although Peggy disapproves.

The siblings are vying for the title of man of the house – but who will really show their worth?

With the Mitchells' chequered past in the area set to be revealed, will Keeble expose all of her secrets?

2. … and a dramatic showdown ensues

But while he's sure to learn more about Keeble, Phil will probably have to wait before taking tangible action as he prepares for his wedding with Kat Slater (Jessie Wallace).

Sadly, Keeble refuses to let him catch his breath.

While he focuses on his upcoming nuptials, he's horrified to receive a text from the detective as she issues him with a chilling warning.

DCI Keeble threatens Phil with the promise of causing more trouble for him and his bride if he doesn't give her the information she wants.

Phil tries to dig himself out of trouble by outsmarting Keeble again – but will it be enough?

Thankfully for him, Phil finds support in the arms of Sharon Watts (Letitia Dean), but could this mean there's more love turmoil looming on the horizon for him and Kat?

3. Frankie gets sexually assaulted

Meanwhile, actress and Strictly star Rose Ayling-Ellis gets thrown into a new dramatic storyline before bowing out of the long-running soap.

The Queen Vic bartender opts for a career change and becomes a teaching assistant.

But when she's signing to one of her pupils named Esme during an English class, she notices Amy Mitchell alongside Denzel Danes and Nugget Gulati mimicking her.

Frankie tells them off for mocking her but things take a nasty turn when they take inappropriate photos of her and use them to creat a video on social media.

Sadly, Frankie gets very little support from Mr Morden, which leaves her upset and dissatisfied.

Lola Pearce (played by departing actress Danielle Harold) gets an idea to cheer her up and invites her out clubbing with Felix and Finlay Baker, Dotty Cotton, Whitney Dean and Vinny Panesar.

This does Frankie's mood some good – until a stranger tries to kiss her after repeatedly hassling her on the dance floor.

Shaken, Frankie decides to leave early, refusing Lola's offer to accompany her home.

After making a panicked exit from the tube, Frankie becomes aware that someone is following her.

The man from the club didn't get the hint and soon accosts her.

Frankie goes through what every woman knows only too well and is trapped until a passer-by intervenes, giving her a chance to escape and get home.

Shirley Carter (Linda Henry) comforts her granddaughter and Mick (Danny Dyer) is relieved to see Frankie got away without being harmed.

But Frankie, like most women confronted to sexist behaviour in the street and knowing the emotional weight it can entail, doesn't see it that way.

How will she cope?


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4. Freddie arrives in the Square

Another new face makes their arrival this week in EastEnders, as teased by soap bosses.

Harlow influencer Bobby Brazier makes his acting debut as Little Mo's son Freddie – and it's bound to be a shock for Billy Mitchell (Perry Fenwick).

The lad wreaks havoc as soon as he arrives in Walford.

This week, Freddie engages in some haggling at a market stall belonging to Billy Mitchell and helps himself to a bap from Stacey's (Lacey Turner) stall without paying.

Later on, Bobby Beale (Clay Milner Russell) spots Freddie by the Walford tube where he is being reprimanded for jumping the barrier.

Bobby feels for the youngster, taking pity on him, covers the fare.

Freddie is then seen by Billy again but, this time, the latter won't show any kindness and is ready to call the police – until Freddie approaches him and reveals he's his son.

Billy's former wife Honey gets wind and storms out on Billy at The Vic, demanding that he contacts Freddie's mother, Little Mo, to urge her to tell the truth about his biological father.

A hurt Freddie is later comforted by Stacey who assures him that his mother will have the answers he craves.

But by the end of the night, Stacey and Eve are alarmed to find out Freddie is gone and head off to find him.

How will he react to the truth about his father, Graham Foster?

5. Sharon hides a secret

As Phil gets ready to tie the knot with Kat, amid an intense feud with DCI Keeble, Sharon tries to move on once and for all.

The gym owner confessed her love in dramatic scenes when she believed Phil would be murdered behind bars.

Although it seemed they were ready to reconnect, Phil felt betrayed to see that Sharon was in touch with his brother (and another former flame for Sharon) Grant.

This week, Phil is shocked to see Sharon on a date with a man called Matt, played by actor and writer Torquil Deacon.

The Walford bad guy bumps into them while on his stag do with Kat.

Sharon invites Matt back to her home following their date – could this be a budding romance?

Later on, however, Sharon is feeling confused and conflicted about her feelings for Phil as she continues to show him support.

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Will Kat and Phil's upcoming wedding really go forward without a hitch?

Tune into BBC One to find out.

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