Ferrari cuts off Insulate Britain activist after bitter row Bad luck with your protests!

Insulate Britain: Nick Ferrari cuts off ranting protester

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Nick Ferrari has wished Insulate Britain’s protesters “bad luck” and their protests “an utter failure” after cutting the group’s spokesperson Cameron Ford off on the phone.  The sudden end to the interview was due to the climate activist going on a rant as the host challenged him on his group’s strategy. The bitter row came after the offshoot of Extinction Rebellion blocked major roads connecting to the M25 today.

Mr Ferrari said: “So you and your colleagues are so as you said, you and your colleagues are so fervent and dedicated in your belief that you effectively will stop at nothing. 

“Mayhem, disruption, law-breaking.”

Mr Ford said: “We’re looking at limited food.

“We’re looking at limited medicine.

“No more refugees’ bodies.

“We need to come together and stop this treasonous government before we have a million a billion refugees on the move. That’s what we’re looking at.” 

Mr Ferrari said: “The medicines are limited in Somerset because they can’t get round the M25.”

The caller continued: “No pensions, no NHS.”

The host said: “You’ve got to stop and let me…” 

The caller however continued to speak despite Mr Ferrari’s attempts to intervene and make his point.

The LBC presenter then cut off the caller and said: “Okay, I have to admit that I did try and have a conversation with you.

“I wish you nothing but bad luck with your endeavours.

“And I hope your protest is complete and utter failure but I’m grateful for your time.”

Insulate Britain said in a statement: “We are not concerned with endless injunctions. We are not concerned with our fears.

“We are concerned with fulfilling our duties and responsibilities at this ‘period of consequence’.

“Starting from 07.00 BST on the morning of Wednesday 27 October, the M25 will become a place of non-violent civil resistance to stop our Government committing crimes against humanity.”

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