Fans Found the Sleuthiest Proof That [SPOILER] from Bachelor in Paradise Are Hanging

Hello! There are a ton of spoilers for Bachelor in Paradise Season 7 in this article, including on a surprising couple who makes it all the way to the end and might still be together. Don’t keep reading if you don’t want to be spoiled!

Sooo, how caught up you are with Bachelor in Paradise Season 7 spoilers? Because there are some things! to! discuss! A few months back, Reality Steve revealed that former Bachelorette star Becca Kufrin would be on the show’s 7th season, prompting a lot of speculation about who she’d end up dating. Then Steve spoiled the truly shocking news that Becca entered into a relationship with Thomas Jacobs from Katie’s season—who was kicked off the show due to being there for the “wrong reasons” and admitting that he wanted to be the next Bachelor.

Here’s the thing, though: Steve’s initial spoiler indicated that Thomas and Becca break up at the end of Paradise:

“(BIP SPOILER): If you thought Thomas got a lot of air time this season, just wait till Paradise. Thomas is heavily involved with Becca Kufrin for the last half of BIP, but, she eventually breaks up with him before the finale.”

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