Escape to the Country couple leave Nicki Chapman baffled with VERY specific property request

AN Escape to the Country couple left Nicki Chapman baffled with a VERY specific property request.

The telly presenter, 54, was left lost for words when Irena and Peter from London confessed that they needed space in their new pad for their beloved baby grand piano.

Retired Irena and former engineer Peter decided that they were done withliving in central London and wanted to live somewhere a little quieter.

They decided that they wanted to buy a country home in Wiltshire, and in particular, the Cranborne Chase area.

The couple were looking for a 3-4 bedroom detached house, with a rural outlook and space for Peter's impressive motors.

Irena, who is a classical music lover, added that she also needed space for her baby grand piano.

A shocked Nicki replied: "This is a first for me. I've never had that request before.

"Living in the country in this beautiful country pad, you're going to have enough room to practice every morning on the piano!"

Irena replied: "Well I certainly hope so!"

The two also explained that they were willing to part ways with no more than £1,000,000 for their perfect home.

So for their first property, Nicki took them to South of the county, to the hamlet of Lower Chicksgrove, located near the village of Tisbury.

They were certainly impressed with her first choice.

"It looks gorgeous, first pression it really is fantastic," Irena said.

And with a separate garage for Peter's cars, they were definitely of to a good start.

The pad, priced at £975,000, ticked a lot of boxes.

The detached rural property boasted five bedrooms, a large kitchen and dining area, and out building and a garden with gorgoeus views.

Nicki and the couple then ventured over to the small village of Alton Priors for their next viewing.

And once again, Nicki pulled it out of the bag.

"It's gorgeous, it looks like a new build. It's very pretty," Irena told the presenter.

However Peter pointed out something to Nicki.

He said: "We originally said we didn't want thatched because we thoght beams and low ceiling, not that we didn't want thatch, but we didn't want little cottage… but this isn't."

The house, which was built in 1996, had an asking price of £925,000.

It had four bedrooms, a large kitchen, a double garage and a garden.

The third and final property was in the village of Broughton Gifford.

Once again Irena was extremely impressed and called the house "magnificent" upon their arrival.

However, this one was slightly over their budget, as it was being sold for £1.14m.

The Georgian period property seemed to tick a lot of their boxes as it boasted a tennis court, five bedrooms and a space for Peter to store his beloved cars.

Nicki then gave them some time to think about what they wanted to do, and she was pretty certain that one of the houses had caught their eye.

Despite claiming they didn't want a thatched house, the second property really stood out to them both.

Peter said: "It was very beautiful."

Irena added: "For me it was the fact that the interior was so beautifully done.

"It was a very spacious house, the living accommodation worked really well.

The pair confirmed that the property was a strong contender, but they admitted they would like to go and have another look around the area.

An excited Nicki said: "Perhaps it could be your next home?"

Peter teased: "It could be!"

It comes after presenter Jules Hudson was left open-mouthed by one couple's HUGE budget.

Guests Mike and Carol met the expert in the Peak District to try and find their dream home.

Jules was keen to know how much they were willing to spend on their property, and Mike said: "If it was ready to move into tomorrow, with everything organised, even up to £1.5million, that’s the absolute limit.” 

A shocked Jules replied: "I have to confess, I think £1.5million is the biggest budget I’ve ever had to play with on this show.

"But I do want to get it right, so we’ve got a lot of work to do.” 

Escape to the Country airs weekdays at 3pm on BBC One.

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