Escape to the Chateau's Dick Strawbridge forced to take 'any job he could get' after marrying Angel left him skint

DICK Strawbridge has recently opened up about what it takes to run a Chateau.

Posting a clip to their website about their new book Living the Chateau Dream, Dick and Angel spoke about the challenges they faced when renovating their home.

Escape to the Chateau has a loyal fan base, and viewers got an intimate look into what it took for the couple to build a dream home, business and lifestyle as the pair spoke about their experience. 

Dick Strawbridge, 62, and Angel Strawbridge, 43, moved to northwest France in 2014 to renovate the 45-bedroom Château-de-la-Motte Husson.

The property initally cost £280,000, and they are on their eighth season of the Channel 4 show.

The clip began with Dick saying: "Living the Chateau dream is quite the title."

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He continued: "We talked long and hard about it because living is what you do while waiting for your dreams to come true.

"That is something we talk about, everyday living and sort of what we're doing. This is the dream.

"It's not like one day we'll have a two-hour lunch break."

"That's a different dream, isn't it?," Angel jumped in.

"That is part of the Chateau dream and what we have to do is…everything you're doing while you're building your dreams," the engineer added.

"Is actually your dream and what you're doing."

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The two spoke very candidly about life after their wedding and how they both had to take whatever work came their way alongside the show.

"You've got dreams you aspire to and you've got dreams of that moment," Dick continued.

"After our wedding, the big thing was we just wanted the family to be comfortable.

"And they work and we have toilets that work.

"But our focus was to essentially to create a home, a business and a revenue."

Angel added: "We are very honest in this book because we had completely no money after our wedding.

"We were taking favours from friends."

Needing the extra cash, Dick said: "I took any job that was coming," Angel backed up her husband: "You were out to work as a television presenter."

"I went off to do some bits and pieces," Dick continued. "Because anything came into the pot."

Head to their website to find out more about the book and you can catch the show on All 4.

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