Emmerdales Tracy exit confirmed after heartbreaking Nate split over affair

Tracy Metcalfe and Nate Robinson have been going through a rather turbulent time in Emmerdale over the last few weeks as their relationship appears to be going through several trials and tribulations.

But it looks as though the couple will go through yet another test in upcoming scenes as Emmerdale spoilers can reveal that Tracy will tease her potential departure from the village.

Tracy asks Nate to look after their daughter Frankie next week while she attends her PND seminar.

Analysing her behaviour, Nate is thrilled to see that the atmosphere between the two of them is beginning to thaw.

Later on, Sam Dingle offers Nate some words of advice on how he can hopefully win Tracy's heart back for good.

But Tracy has other things on her mind as she tells Charity Dingle she’s been offered a new job in Nottingham but she is worried about the disruption it might bring to her personal life.

While they conversate about the new job opportunity, Tracy is shocked by Charity’s support when she encourages her to take the role.

However, when Tracy later informs Nate about her decision to leave, her heart is pulled in two as she sees the pain on his face when she also informs him that she and Frankie are moving to Nottingham for the new position.

Feeling wronged by Tracy and evidently angered, Nate reels from her revelation about potentially leaving the village.

In anger, Nate undermines Tracy about her inability to cope in a brand new city on her own with their child.

Due to Tracy’s troubles with postnatal depression, Nate's harsh and brutal words only heighten her insecurities.

Coming to the realisation that she may not be able to handle the new city on her own, Tracy abandons all hope of her new life.

Later on, Nate begins to feel guilty when he realises that he’s crushed her dream and prohibited Tracy with her desire to move.

Despite the backlash she initially received from Nate, will Tracy still decide to leave?

Emmerdale airs weekdays on ITV at 7am

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