Emmerdales Priya injury heartache, Nate affair shock and Jai attacked

Emmerdale viewers can expect plenty of drama next week.

Priya Sharma has been struggling to cope with her injuries since survival week and the pain seems to be getting worse.

But will she manage to cope with her feelings from a psychological perspective?

Meanwhile, Tracy Metcalfe and Nate Robinson's relationship hits rock bottom when Nate goes off on a lad's night out.

Tracy becomes concerned when she can't get hold of him.

Billy Fletcher is forced to lie about Nate's whereabouts, but will Tracy find out the truth?

Elsewhere, Jai Sharma and Aaron Dingle come to blows when Jai tries to cover up his tracks from the survival week disaster.

Priya Injury heartache

Priya has been going through turmoil since the horrific fire that took place during survival week that left her physically and emotionally scarred.

However, her troubles are set to continue as she struggles with a particularly intense nightmare brought on by the pain of her injuries.

Father Rishi is at a loss on how to help her but soon convinces Ellis Chapman to pay her visit her.

Despite the initial warm welcome, a miscommunication between the pair leads to Priya lashing out at Ellis and he’s shocked by her assertions.

Struggling with how to help is daughter, Rishi suggests Priya to call a psychologist to help her deal with her life changing injuries.

When Al Chapman realises there is a new rift developing between Priya and Ellis, he’s ready to take advantage of the situation and rushes over to Holgate.

The following day Priya has a therapy session which finds extremely helpful.

Not long after Ellis makes a heartfelt apology to Priya, and offers to support her with her recovery and there’s a sense there might be hope for the pair's relationship.

Nate affair shock

Tracy opens-up to Faith Dingle about her concerns regarding her relationship with Nate, who suggests she organise an intimate date night.

But unbeknownst to Tracy Billy Fletcher and Nate decide to head into Hotten for a lads night out.

While the pair are in Hotten, a lady called Fiona moves towards Nate and starts chatting him up.

Back at the village Tracy is disappointed to hear Nate has gone out drinking so sends him a sexy picture to show him what he is missing at home.

But unfortunately Nate breaks his phone, and misses Tracy's saucy text message.

Later on, Nate finds an evident spark with Fiona and continues chatting to her. Meanwhile Tracy fails to get hold of him and begins to worry about where he is and what he's getting up to.

The next day Billy is forced lie to Tracy about what took place the night before. But will Tracy eventually find out the truth.

Jai attacked

An upcoming health and safety inspection at the HOP leaves Jai worried and fairly panicked.

Meanwhile a journalist is sniffing around the cafe and asks Brenda Walker about the bridge collapse on the survival challenge.

When Brenda later explains to Ben Tucker she’s spoken to a journalist he knows it’s definitely bad news and attempts to tell Jai who is too preoccupied to listen as the Health-&-Safety officer arrives.

The Health & Safety officer doesn't hold back on the prospect that Jai and the HOP’s management team will be held personally responsible if it’s proved the bridge was overloaded during the trip.

But the thought that he could be liable, Jai is terrified.

When Ben finally gets the chance to tell him of the investigative journalist that has been snooping around, privately, Jai is planning to blame it all on Ben which leaves Laurel horrified when she discovers what's going on.

However Ben soon realises Jai is trying to frame him when Jai attempts to offer Ben a buy-out in exchange for his resignation, but Ben decides he needs a lawyer first.

When Ben informs Aaron Dingle and Liv Flaherty on what’s happened, they quickly recognize their level of legal help will not be a match for Jai’s.

Feeling heated Aaron sets off to confront Jai but matters are made worse. Aaron punches Jai, leaving everyone surprised.

As a result Jai suspends Ben from work and Aaron is left feeling guilty. Did Aaron make things even worse?

Emmerdale airs weekdays on ITV at 7pm with an extra helping on Thursdays at 7am

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