Emmerdale’s Marcus ‘is behind’ Billy’s racist attack as fans twig identity twist

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Emmerdale's Marcus Harris looks like he could be behind the racist attack on Billy Fletcher.

Marcus, son of serial killer Pierce, has been relatively harmless since arriving in the ITV Dales, striking up a romance with lawyer Ethan and mainly staying out of Rhona's way.

But fans are now sure he could be part of the gang behind the attack on Billy by newcomer Jordan – who admitted he was part of a bigger operation, or "exclusive club" when Billy confronted him.

Taking to Facebook to air their theories, one wrote: "I think that Jordan and Marcus are in on the Billy incident."

"I think that Marcus planned the whole thing, I don't think he ever liked Ethan," someone else agreed.

While another fan pointed out: "Marcus got to know Ethan so he could attack Billy!"

Someone else said: "I never trusted Marcus, there's more to him than we know. So yeah, you could be right!"

"I always thought Marcus was dodgy!" a fifth fan agreed.

But another fan wasn't quite so sure, as they raised the point: "I understand why Jordan would use Ethan as his solicitor, to make it look like he isn't racist. But I can't see Marcus sleeping with Ethan if he is also racist… that doesn't make any sense at all."

Later in Thursday's episode, Ethan fretted with his dad, vicar Charles Anderson, about taking on Jordan's case after hearing he threatened Billy.

He told his dad: "I'm pulling out. I hate who this is turning me into. I know it could mess up my career, but I can't carry on like this."

Ethan actor Emile John has opened up about the future of his character's relationship with Marcus, telling press: "They've got a nice thing going on. Ethan's dad Charles is obviously quite unpredictable but it's all coming from a good place. Charles really likes Marcus.

"You can see there's genuine affection there between Ethan and Marcus and they do really care for one another. Ethan up until now has had the worst luck when it comes to guys! It's lovely to see that he has started to build a true connection with someone, at long last.

"They both like each other on an equal level," he added.

Emmerdale airs weeknights from 7:30pm on ITV.

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