Emmerdale stars reveal what future holds for Tracy Metcalfe and Nate Robinson

Tracy Metcalfe (Amy Walsh) in Emmerdale will finally give birth in upcoming episodes.

It’s been quite the journey for Tracy and Nate Robinson (Jurell Carter), with pregnancy scares, plenty of drama, and not to mention Nate being squeamish, welcoming their child into the world will certainly be a moment this couple never forget!

Ahead of these scenes, Amy Walsh and Jurell Carter have revealed all on what’s ahead for their characters and have given their thoughts on whether they think Tracy and Nate will make good parents.

Jurell said: ‘I do, Nate and Tracy haven’t have the best luck or fortune in life, but I know they wear their heart on their sleeve and they’re very passionate people. Their passion is always out of love, and I think they just want to have that beautiful family unit and their intentions are in the right place, they want to do their best for Frankie and grow up together as a family, I think they’ll be amazing parents.’

Amy added: ‘I think Jurell’s totally right, they haven’t had the best start, either of them, or the best family set up/foundation, but I think what’s why they both crave it so much. They have each other now and have that opportunity to have that family unit. And they’re getting through these hurdles like good relationships do, which is just making them stronger and stronger. Tracy’s got so many faults, I’m sure they’ll flare up but I do think they will both strive to do their best for that child.’

Jurell continued, saying how much he wants Nate to have a happy family:

‘It would be amazing to see them grow and see how their progress happens. But I also know in soap it’s never straightforward, it’s never simple, so I know there’s going to be obstacles in the way, it’s just how strong they are as a unit to be able to deal with the issues and awkward situations that may arise. I’d love to see them happy, I think they both deserve happiness, I know they’re coming from a good place and they want to see their family unit grow.

Amy agreed, and also mentioned: ‘I think Tracy’s been quite unlucky in love and she just wants a happy ever after, I would like to see them happy for a bit, I think the fans are craving that as well, just to see her have a nice time and stop crying. So let’s see, I hope so but like Jurell said, you can never guarantee these things in soap, can you? And to be honest, I love the crying so I probably don’t want to be too happy!’

During the scenes where Tracy is in labour, Nate becomes overwhelmed and ends up having a surprising and heart-warming chat with Cain (Jeff Hordley). As Cain and Nate have never really had a strong connection, Jurell explained how the birth of Nate’s child will change his relationship with Cain:

‘Cain just grounds Nate and puts things into perspective. Cain’s never been there for any of his children’s births, except for Isaac, but he goes on to mention that he was never there for Kyle, Debbie or Nate. He says ‘You’re here, that’s way more than I’ve done’ and he goes on to talk about how children just need your presence. I think Nate’s really touched just by the fact that Cain’s there for him and he’s got that support because his mum’s not here, who’s been his rock through his whole life, he’s fairly new to the Dingle clan. He does feel a little bit alone in terms of family, but having his dad Cain there which he has always wanted and needed, it’s a nice heart-warming moment.’

I also think it’s an opportunity for Cain to have a second chance, of course he didn’t know about Nate but he does feel so guilty for not being there, even though he had no choice. But I think it’s a second chance to be a dad to Nate and also to be a grandad and give Nate the guidance and support he needs. That hospital scene is an amazing foundation to start a new page in that sense. So I think Nate and Cain’s relationship will grow through this and they’ll just be there for each other.’

Nate sets himself challenges ahead of the birth to try and fix his phobia of squeamish things, but as Jurell explained, the moment he holds his daughter in his hands allows him to completely forget about all of his fears:

‘He’s ecstatic, bearing in mind he had so much fear coming into the pregnancy and even from day one it was questioned whether they were both ready to have a child. Having got over that massive obstacle of being in doubt and becoming closer, it’s made them much stronger and they’re at that stage where they’re loving being in the moment and loving the whole process of pregnancy.

Seeing little Frankie in his arms, it’s the best day of his life.’

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