Emmerdale star warns of 'absolute devastation' for Liam after being framed for rape and hitting new low with Leyla

EMMERDALE'S Jonny McPherson has warned fans of "absolute devastation" for his character as he gets framed for rape in upcoming scenes.

The actor – who plays Liam Cavanagh in the popular ITV soap – has opened up about what's install for the doctor as Gabby's obsession with his girlfriend Leyla continues to spiral out of control.

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Gabby has latched on to Leyla and sees her as friend come she thinks her mum has disowned her.

She has become increasingly jealous of Leyla's relationship with the local GP and has gone to extreme measures to split them up.

Next week the troubled teen tells Leyla that Liam tried to rape her, although he reassured fans in a recent interview that "it's not a direct accusation at any point".

He explained: "But Gabby does sufficiently little for Leyla to get the wrong end of the stick and to think that Liam might have done something untoward.

"Liam is absolutely devastated. The idea of somebody that you love thinking you're capable of doing some inappropriate with someone who's 18, 19, and has effectively been a daughter, is so outrageously inappropriate.

"It goes beyond being angry or frustrated. He's absolutely devastated."

Jonny also revealed that his on-screen alter ego felt extremely betrayed that Leyla thought he was capable of doing something so awful.

The soap star continued: "I think to jump to a conclusion as quickly as Leyla does, that will be difficult to get over.

"It's the fundamental feeling of not being trusted. It's such a terrible thing to accuse somebody of, so it's very difficult to come back from."

The actor highlighted that his character is a good man and wants to help the teen get through her troubles.

Jonny said: "I think it's part of the reason why Liam wants to do as much as he can to support Gabby.

"He can see she's struggling with her mental health, she's feeling abandoned after being left alone after Bernice's departure.

"Liam is trying to firmly but kindly steer her away from Leyla, but it's coming to a crescendo."

In recent weeks Gabby framed Liam for sending Meena flowers in an attempt to drive a wedge between the couple and could hardly hide her joy when Leyla dumped Liam as a result.

She regularly tries to stick her foot in when the pair try to make arrangements together as well.

However, last week the penny dropped for Liam and he told Gabby to back off.


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