Emmerdale spoilers: Leyla Harding hatches a new plan after seeing David Metcalfe and Jacob Gallagher getting along

IT looks like there could be thaw in the icy relationship between Emmerdale’s David Metcalfe and his estranged, adopted son Jacob Gallagher tonight as the pair grow close for the first time in weeks.

They’re united in worry after David’s dad, Eric Pollard, had a funny turn during last night’s episode.

The panicked father and son will make a quiet agreement to keep Eric stress free and David will be enthused by Jacob’s loyalty, hoping it’s a sign that their relationship isn’t beyond repair.

Leyla Harding  – Jacob’s birth mum – sees them getting along for the first time since David reported paedophile Maya Stepney to the police – is equally excited by the reluctant truce.

As she watches them together, a plan begins to form. But what is it? Let’s just hope it’s a bit better than David’s master plan where he pretended to be an 18 year old boy online to strike up conversation with his son.

David made a fake gaming profile and used it to reach out to Jacob, who’s still reeling from losing Maya.

But it didn’t take long for Jacob to realise that his new friend wasn’t quite who he made himself out to be.

He set a trap, believing it was Leyla, wanting to check up on him, and lured her to the café where he’s just started working.

As Jacob laid into his mum, David was forced to confess that he was the one who created the fake profile.

Jacob was livid after hearing David’s confession and stormed out of the café.

David and Eric went after him but during a heated discussion, Eric seemed to have chest pains and fell to the ground.

Jacob has been living with Eric since David reported his ex-girlfriend Maya to the police after discovering she’d been secretly sleeping with Jacob for months.

The pair even planned to run off together but their plan was thwarted when David called the police and Maya was arrested.

She was sentenced to a year in prison last month for inappropriate communication with Jacob while he was underage.

Jacob still doesn’t realise that he was groomed and sexually abused and believes he and Maya are meant to be together.

He blames David for breaking them up.

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