Emmerdale spoilers: Leyla and Liam caught having sex by their horrified children

LEYLA and Liam are busted for their frisky antics next week in Emmerdale after Jacob walks in on them about to have sex.

Leanna then spots them flirting and issues her dad with a shocking ultimatum on the ITV soap.

Emmerdale fans watched Liam’s world come crashing down when his fiancée Bernice Blackstock called off their engagement last year.

Bernice had received a phone call telling her the shocking news that her former partner Charlie had been hospitalised following a car crash.

She left immediately and later revealed to Liam that she wouldn’t be returning and that things were over between them, leaving him devastated.

And it wasn’t long before Leyla began making moves on the GP as they starred in the village panto together.

But their relationship hasn't been without obstacles as the pair have tried to keep it hidden from their children like lovesick teenagers.

Jacob and Leanna are furious about the prospect of Leyla and Liam dating, and have been going out of their way to make sure they don't become an item.

The GP also put his foot in it recently when he gave Leyla a gym membership for her birthday – much to her dismay.

In next week’s episodes of Emmerdale, Leyla and Liam are just about to take things to the next level when they are disturbed by Jacob and David.

And Leanna’s suspicions about Liam and Leyla are confirmed when she spots them flirting at the café.

Annoyed they’re still seeing one another, Leanna vents at Jacob and Gabby about what she’s seen.

Later, Liam and Leyla try to explain their relationship to an upset Gabby and furious Leanna.

But Liam is stunned when Leanna interrupts him and coldly insists that he must choose between her and Leyla.

What will Liam do?

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