Emmerdale spoilers: Chas goes into labour after getting locked in the loos at the Woolpack with Marlon – The Sun

CHAS Dingle is set to welcome her new baby into the world in Emmerdale next week.

But, even though the occasion is a happy one, the birth doesn’t go without a hitch.

It’s the reopening of the Woolpack, following it being treated for woodworm and Chas is excited about it.

But Bob Hope warns them that the builders won’t be able to fix one of the toilet doors in time.

Chas and Marlon head into the loos to investigate what’s going on but, before long, they realise they’re trapped.

To make matters worse, they don’t have a phone between them.

And just when it looks like things can’t go any more wrong, Chas’ waters break.

With Bob Dj-ing in the bar, Chas and Marlon’s cries for help can’t be heard. Chas is terrified and vulnerable as a stunned Marlon tries to coach her through her labour.

He uses his chef’s jacket as a makeshift bed for her and they link hands as Chas prepares to give birth to her baby.

Will everything be okay?

It’s certain to be an emotional experience for Chas as it comes a year after she gave birth to her daughter, Grace, who died shortly after her birth.

Grace was born with a condition called bi-lateral renal agenesis which meant her kidneys failed to develop properly in the womb.

She tragically passed away half an hour after she was born, while brave Chas and partner Paddy Kirk decided to donate her organs.

Stars Lucy Pargeter and Dominic Brunt who play Chas and Paddy won an Inside Soap award for Best Partnership earlier this month.

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