Emmerdale revisits dramatic storm deaths in an important real life way

Emmerdale is set to revisit its epic 50th anniversary storm in a unique way in upcoming episodes, that will also honour fallen trees from real life storms.

A future episode of the ITV soap will see Nicola King (Nicola Wheeler) take charge of the installation of a new Emmerdale bus stop, which will serve as a heartfelt memorial for the storm’s unfortunate casualties – Harriet Finch (Katherine Dow Blyton) and Liv Dingle (Isobel Steele).

Viewers will witness Nicola ceremoniously cutting the ribbon as the bus stop is declared operational.

However, it does not go smoothly, as councillor Colin Hamston (Mark Noble) causes trouble when he feels usurped by Nicola.

The bus stop itself is a unique and captivating masterpiece, hand-sculpted and artistically repurposed from the remnants of fallen trees from both real and fictional storms.

Speaking about the inspiration behind the project, Gillian Slight, Head of Design, said: ‘After the storms, we were determined to honour the fallen trees by ensuring their wood was put to meaningful use.

‘In collaboration with the immensely talented local wood sculptor, Johnathon Sherwood, we commissioned him to craft stunning sculptures from the storm debris. These captivating artworks now adorn our newly erected bus stop.

‘Rather than settling for a conventional metal and glass structure, we wanted to create a unique work of art that pays homage to the village’s natural beauty. It is a testament to individuality and we hope it will grace our screens for years to come.’

Jonathan Sherwood, the talented sculptor responsible for the artistic elements of the bus stop, added that he aimed to ‘capture the essence of the Emmerdale village’ within the piece.

‘I was given the privilege of transforming the wood provided by the Emmerdale creative team into sculptural masterpieces.

‘While I received general guidance on the desired themes, each unique piece of wood dictated its own form, guiding my carving process. Drawing inspiration from the local wildlife, I aimed to capture the essence of the Emmerdale village through my creations.

‘It is an honour to contribute to this project, and I eagerly await seeing the bus stop on screen—I hope to make my mum proud too.’

Builder Chris Pickard said: ‘Guided by Gillian’s design for the basic structure, our team was entrusted with the wood to bring the vision to life. After assembling it in the village to ensure the perfect fit and height, we meticulously integrated Jonathan’s magnificent sculptures into the structure.

‘I am thrilled with the result and eagerly anticipate seeing it showcased on screen. The effort involved in lifting it into place was no small feat, but it was undoubtedly worth it.’

The bus stop will be unveiled on screen during the episode set to air on August 3.

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