Emmerdale newcomer Max Parker stuns fans with naked Instagram snaps

EMMERDALE'S hunky newcomer has stunned fans with his naked Instagram pictures.

Actor Max Parker plays a new mystery man called Luke who shared a connection with Victoria when she met him in the hospital last week.

But while his character is shrouded in mystery – the actor prefers the more open approach as his social media accounts prove.

He has sent fans wild with a series of shirtless and even naked pictures shared on the website.

Showing off his gym-honed body, the hunky star delighted with fans with one writing: "Oh wow."

Another added: "Great to see you on @emmerdale hope we see more of you @max_parker_92"

And fans will get thier wish as Max will return to Emmerdale soon with fans convinced his character is connected to Victoria's rapist Lee.

Victoria freaked out when Luke flirted with her at the hospital before grabbing her arm to stop her from leaving without her purse.

Thinking he was up to no good after her ordeal, she ran off, leaving her purse behind.

But after a pep talk from Diane, Victoria realised why she had reacted as she had and later when she ran into Luke again she was strong enough to speak to him.

And it became clear to viewers there was a spark between Victoria and the hunky mystery man.

He handed over her purse and the pair shared a joke about him stealing her cash and cloning her cards.

He told her: "I hope things work out for you."

Luke then walked off but The Sun Online can reveal he will be seen again.

But fans are fearing the worst for Victoria, and they're convinced he is secretly connected to the vile rapist who remains in a coma.

One wrote: "Is that Lee's mate? If so, he could be the catalyst for Lee's undoing."

A second said: "Is that Lee's pal?"

Another added: "Blimey Vic. She really is on the brink!"

A fourth commented: "The way he grabbed her I think anyone would be freaked out tbh."

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