Emmerdale fans work out Craigs surprise murderer after spotting giveaway clue

Emmerdale is set to air some explosive scenes across this week, as the village tries to work out who killed rapist Craig.

The ITV soap titan left viewers stunned after it showed that Craig, who was played by Ben Addis, was seen lying dead in a field on Friday evening (October 27). In a chilling moment, the Dingle family are now set to be put centre stage as they work out who offed the character.

The show will air episodes focussing on the scandal, with betrayal, lies and secrets all being exposed. It comes during a lock-in at the Woolpack pub, when Lydia Dingle – who was horrifically raped by Craig – interrogates her family on where they were the night that her former boyfriend and rapist died.

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ITV bosses kicked off the huge whodunnit storyline on Friday evening when Dingles across the village vowed revenge for Lydia on Craig. Despite Lydia begging her new family not to do anything, the show cut to a scene of Craig dead in a field, with each suspect outlining their own motive for killing him.

In a series of montages, a number of Dingles were framed as being the potential murderer – including Chas, Cain, Belle, Aaron, Sam, Mandy, Charity, Nate, Caleb, Vinny and Marlon. But eagle-eyed fans noticed that young Samson was not included in the montage, leading some to believe that the killer might have been him.

Their suspicions come from a previous scene earlier in the episode, where Samson admitted he felt guilty about Lydia keeping him safe by working for Craig. Samson initially was reluctant to believe Lydia after she opened up on her terrifying experience, but soon came to his senses – pushing Craig to confess to his disgusting crime.

Craig was quick to see through Samson's plan, however, and kept tight-lipped, leaving the youngest Dingle infuriated. Lydia was also less than impressed with Samson, hitting out at him for getting involved.

Viewers watching the show at home immediately took to social media platforms to discuss the theory. One viewer wrote that they were convinced it was Samson, saying: "My money's on Samson; the only one it didn't show in the suspect list!"

Another user agreed, commenting: "It's 100% Samson!!", whilst another fan watching said: "Who killed Craig? Probably none of them that was in the pub – I'm thinking it's Samson."

But other viewers believe it could have been someone else completely. In tense scenes aired previously on the show, Craig's receptionist looked conspicuous when he was arrested, wiping tears from her eyes.

This has led to some fans giving their opinions on social media, with one viewer speculating: "The Dingles were all somehow involved in the *lead up* to his death, but I don't think any of them killed him. Feel it was his assistant." Another viewer agreed: "It will probably be Ruth the secretary receptionist, as she too was a victim of him."

Emmerdale airs every weekday at 7:30p.m. on ITV1 and ITVX.

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