Emmerdale fans spot blunder in dramatic shooting storyline as school headmistress Jessie is never at work in the day – The Sun

EMMERDALE fans have spotted a huge blunder in the shooting storyline as they point out that headmistress Jessie Dingle is never at work in the day.

Jessie – played by Sandra Marvin – was shot in dramatic scenes during last night's episode as she was taken hostage in her own home by Billy's former prison pal Max.

However, while the headmistress's life has been left hanging in the balance, a few eagle eyed fans couldn't help but question why she was even at home in the first place.

One wrote: "#Emmerdale So Jessie has been out of school for a whole day…. FFS. At least Classic ED uses characters both in and out of work….."

While another commented: "Why was Jessie even home ffs? I thought she was a head mistress in a school? #Emmerdale"

A third joked: "& I bet the one day Jessie was in school …… It's was gun man attacking a school training day #Emmerdale"

And a fourth quipped: "If Jessie dies will the kids at her school even notice seeing as she’s never there?#Emmerdale"

But Jessie's time off work wasn't the only blunder that left fans baffled last night, as they questioned why no-one picked up the gun after Billy beat Max up.

Earlier in the episode, gangster Max turned up at Jessie and Marlon's home with a gun, looking for her son Billy after discovering he had tipped off the police about the van robbery.

Billy raced home when he realised what was happening, and sneaked into the house to confront his former prison pal.

As they wrestled each other in the living room, Billy managed to get Max to drop the gun, with the weapon skidding across the floor.

Billy then repeatedly punched Max, thinking he had knocked him out, while Jessie and Marlon stood nearby.

Jessie then hugged her son, while the gun still lay on the ground, meaning Max was able to weakly grab it and lift it in time to shoot Jessie in the stomach.

Viewers were baffled why none of the family had bothered to remove the weapon from the villain's reach, with one writing on Twitter: "Emmerdale moving mad today, why didn't Billie thrown the gun out, when Max was on the floor? #emmerdale."

Another added: "Why would you not move the gun you absolute muppet #Emmerdale".

A third agreed, writing: "Why didn't Marlon or Jessie grab the gun whilst max was getting beaten up? Ffs #emmerdale."

Emmerdale continues tonight at 7PM on ITV.

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