Emmerdale fans convinced Cathy will be exposed as little Aprils evil tormentor

After Emmerdale dropped some clues that Cathy Hope could in fact be the evil troll behind April Windsor's torment, fans seemed to have confirmed it.

April has been receiving horrible messages and memes on social media about her dead mother – and the person who has been steadfastly by her side is Cathy. But is all as it seems?

Since Marlon found out about his poor daughter’s ordeal he decided the best course of action was to take young April’s phone off her so the bullies could not contact her.

Cathy also said she would track down the bullies and make them close down the offending accounts – but could she make that happen as she was actually the bully herself?

On Friday’s episode, Cathy turned up and informed April that a “new” account had mysteriously been created, with more vitriol.

Cathy told April not to "open her socials" because she "didn't want to know" what was being said about her.

But it didn't take Cathy long to tell April what the "troll" had said…that "they knew where she lived and that they're going to get you."

Viewers seemed to see right through it, though – Cathy merely being the bearer of bad news.

One said: "Cathy has guilty conscience written all over her. The way she stammers and stumbles when April wants to resolve her problem. It's a clear giveaway.”

Another agreed: “Come on #April, you got the accounts banned but as soon as #Cathy leaves the table a new one pops up! Do the math!”

A third chimed in with: "Why on earth is Cathy trolling April?!! What a horrible nasty little girl she is.

"Hope to God they don't drag this out for too long. Poor April looks petrified enough as it is. “

A common thought seemed to be why Cathy would be doing this.

But detectives on Twitter are convicted they have solved the mystery.

Emmerdale continues Monday on ITV at 7pm

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