Emmerdale blunder as Bob exposes Jamie Tate and Belle Dingle’s affair – The Sun

EMMERDALE fans spotted a blunder tonight as Bob Hope accidentally exposed Jamie Tate and Belle Dingle’s affair.

The illicit affair was made public tonight after Jamie’s wife Andrea and her friend Leyla Harding stole Belle’s phone and took screenshots of Jamie and Belle’s texts.

They used them to replace images for the pub quiz from the vet’s round – and framed Belle for it.

But fans realised that there was no way Bob could have not seen the images before sending to the screen, meaning he wanted the affair exposed.

As the screenshots showed up, Paddy said: “It’s supposed to be the native rodents of Yorkshire.”

As the pub went silent with shock, Andrea played a blinder and pretended she was only just discovering this.

Is it true? Is it? How could you let me find out by that? You’ve been sleeping with Belle, do not pretend to care about my feelings now. You could have told me but you didn’t because you’re a coward.

“Jamie I don’t understand how that happened,” said Belle confused.

But Jamie fell for Andrea’s scheming hook, line and sinker and accused Belle of tampering with the USB stick to expose their affair.

“You don’t seem too upset. It was texts from your phone, you couldn’t wait to tell her, could you? Even if it meant humiliating her and embarrassing yourself, what is wrong with you? Only you would be that crazy.”

But his vile insults couldn’t get the blunder out of fans heads.

One wrote: “Why did Bob see the messages and still play them?"

A second said: "Was Bob in on it? Wtf?"

Another added: “#emmerdale what a dirty trick to play"

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