EastEnders viewers open-mouthed as the Mitchells show off house makeover NOBODY saw coming

EASTENDERS' viewers have been left stunned by Phil Mitchell and Kat Slater's modern kitchen renovation as they finally ditched the yellow walls.

In recent weeks, the Albert Square gangsta's kitchen was burnt away in a house fire accidentally set by Janine Butcher (played by Charlie Brooks).

Janine carelessly threw a tea towel on Phil's (Steve McFadden) kitchen side that ended up landing on his stove and setting a fire while he was knocked out on the floor.

Phil had been knocked out by Shirley Carter (Linda Henry) and was not spotted by Janine before she left the property.

Thankfully everyone survived, including two children trapped in the fire in a bedroom upstairs, but it meant Mitchell's kitchen finally needed a make-over.

In last night's episode, it had gone under a much-needed renovation after sporting yellow flats ever since it was styled back in the 1980s.

For decades the property has featured pale yellow walls, for its new design Phil's latest girlfriend Kat took over the decor.

The small kitchen is now painted pale grey, features navy-blue cabinets, and fitted fancy brass handles.

Kat had gone all out and even installed dishwater, although, Phil didn't seem to be too happy about having to load and unload it.

She also upgraded the rest of the utilities to modern options including a conduction hob and multiple ovens.

Chucking in a trend, it was complemented by accents of gold.

Kat had also binned the old floral kitchen curtains and replaced them with a sleek blind.

Of course, she had to add a touch of her iconic leopard print with an oven glove set.

Fans were stunned by the renovation on the BBC One soap and fell in love with the new look.

One user tweeted: "Love what Kat did with the kitchen as well as the living room. She even got Phil to load the dishwasher."


"Love the new Mitchell kitchen definitely an upgrade," voiced another.

Others were just pleased to see the back of the yellow walls, writing: "I’m so glad to see the back of the p**s yellow Mitchell Kitchen!!!!!!!"

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