EastEnders spoilers: Vi Highway shock as she spots ex-flame in Albert Square

VI Highway is center stage in next week's EastEnders as she hunts for a children's book.

Next week, Rainie (Tanya Franks) senses something is amiss with Vi Highway (Gwen Taylor), who tells her that her son Jonno has sold all her belongings.

Rainie is insistent they tell Stuart (Ricky Champ), but Vi begs her not to.

Billy is flogging items from a house clearance, which catch Stuart’s eye.

Once he realises it’s all Vi’s belongings he takes everything back leaving Billy despairing.

Later, he empties everything on the table in front of Vi.

With the truth out, Stuart rages, but Vi calms him down, telling him to leave his
father Jonno alone.

Once alone Vi panics, searching through the pile of things – something isn’t there.

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Vi storms over to Billy’s stall, looking for an antique children’s book, but Billy has sold it to Kim.

But why is the book so important to her?

Later in the week, in the café, as Ben and Callum talk to Vi Ben sees an old fling which unsettles Callum.

Elsewhere in the square, Nancy (Maddy Hill) and Frankie Lewis’ (Rose Ayling-Ellis) feud reaches boiling point.

Nancy’s jealousy stews when Mick buys Frankie a second-hand car but it seems to have broken down already.

However it seems this could be down to sibling rivalry.

Can the sisters work it out?

EastEnders continues Friday on BBC One at 8:30pm.

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