EastEnders spoilers: Mick Carter dead as he collapses after Stuart Highway showdown?

Mick (played by Danny Dyer) and Linda (Kellie Bright) have put Ollie’s name down for an autism assessment on the BBC soap.

However, there’s some stressful news in upcoming scenes on EastEnders as they learn the assessment could be months away.

As a result, the pair are concerned and left feeling tense about the situation.

But things turn from bad to worse next week as Mick is left struggling to breathe in the busy pub.

As he tries to catch his breath, in comes Stuart Highway (Ricky Champ) with a plea to win Mick back as his friend.

However, Mick doesn’t engage with him as he tries to explain himself and that he’s a changed man.

Stuart takes Mick’s silence as a indicator that he doesn’t want to patch things up so he leaves, only for the landlord to collapse shortly after.

Poor Mick is alone and frightened and ends up calling out for Stuart, hoping that he’ll come back.

Luckily Stuart does return and finds Mick collapsed on the floor before phoning for an ambulance.

Could this spell the beginning of the end for Mick? Or will it be the start of the pair repairing their friendship?

There’s also panic for Linda as she worries about her husband after not being able to find him.

But viewers will have to wait and see if the patriarch will pull through.

Stuart’s troubling behaviour tore the friends apart and Mick even had to do a spell inside after Stuart framed his old pal for shooting him.

He has since tried to make amends, but Mick doesn’t want to know.

Yesterday on the programme, Mick’s young son Ollie was almost hit by a reversing van, however, Stuart saw what was about to happen and got Ollie out of the way in time.

But when Mick came rushing over, he was appalled that Stuart was holding his son and feared what he was up to.

Recent months have seen Stuart try to change his ways and he’s even reached out to fellow recovering addict Rainie Branning (Tanya Franks).

Although she wasn’t too impressed when he took her out on a date, only for them to end up at an addicts meeting.

Stuart appears to have the best intentions, although hot-headed Rainie might not see it that way.

EastEnders continues tonight at 7.30pm on BBC One.

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