EastEnders spoilers – Lexi finds out the truth and Cindy and Elaine clash

EastEnders’ Jay Brown is set to continue his downward spiral in Monday night’s episode, the show’s spoilers have revealed.

The young widow has struggled since the death of his wife, Lola, earlier in the year, and despite his best efforts to look after her daughter Lexi in recent weeks, he appears to have hit a breaking point.

In recent episodes, viewers have watched as Jay started to take drugs with Nadine, a woman who looks like Lola, and he has been paying her to sleep next to him.

Despite getting arrested for being in possession of drugs, and several warnings from his best friends, Ben Mitchell and Callum Highway, Jay has continued down this dark path.

Tonight, Monday 23 October, Jay wakes up from a night fuelled with drugs and alcohol and his father-in-law, Billy Mitchell, notices something is wrong with him.

Jay confesses his drug taking to Billy, but he decides to keep quiet about what is going on between him and Nadine.

The revelation leaves Billy heartbroken, and looking to help Jay, he attempts to rally the family together in the Queen Vic to talk about it and things soon go from bad to worse when Ben decides to reveal all about Jay seeing Nadine.

However, the family are unaware that young Lexi is listening into the conversation, and she leaves the pub in shock.

The family then decides to shun Jay, but will Lexi be okay?

At the Queen Vic, the drama continues as George, Anna and Gina Knight take a trip down memory lane when items from their bar in Spain get delivered to the pub.

The girls’ mum, Cindy Beale, then tries to get involved, but her emotions get the better of her.

However, she is later touched when George invites her back in whenever she feels like she is ready.

Despite that, it doesn’t take long for Cindy to show her true colours as she tears into George’s new partner, Elaine Peacock, outside of the pub in front of George and Anna, who then dismiss her once again.

Is that Cindy’s last chance with her children?

Finally, Suki Panesar and newcomer Priya clash over their different values, as they both try to get one up on each other.

Priya tries to get Suki’s husband, Nish Panesar, on side by flirting as they head out on a shopping trip, and when they return, Suki is stunned by Nish’s new haircut.

What does this mean for Suki and Nish?

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