EastEnders romance as Janine Butcher embarks on affair with beloved resident?

Eastenders: Brand new trailer sees return of Janine

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Janine Butcher’s (played by Charlie Brooks) return has been much anticipated by EastEnders viewers. The iconic character heads to Walford after learning her daughter Scarlett Moon (Tabitha Byron) is in Kat Slater’s (Jessie Wallace) care. However, will Janine strike up a romance upon her return as she cosies up to a former ally on the BBC soap?

In upcoming scenes, Janine arrives in Walford and locks horns with the Slater matriarch.

Charlie told Express.co.uk and other press viewers should be prepared for the Janine they know and love. 

She said: “We know that it’s going to be explosive. We might see some flames and a big fire! 

“With some of the relationships, and some of the old characters that we see her working with, for me I know when it’s exciting because I can feel it as an actress.”

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“I can feel it when two characters are sparking off each other. I’m like, ‘This feels so good and so exciting,’” she continued. 

“So you’ve got a lot of that to look forward to. With her putdowns and her wit, the writers have done a brilliant job so far of writing for her.

“I read the scripts and go, ‘Oh my God, can she say that? Oh my God, I love it!’ 

“So it’s fun and that’s what I’m excited about exploring with her, as well as all of the layered stuff that goes on underneath.”

“As human beings, we grow and evolve all the time and we all really want to connect with that inner child and unlocking that part of us, whether that’s for better or for worse is always a really interesting thing to explore,” she added.

“Being honest about who we are and what we want and how we go about getting it, and I think that could be quite exciting for her.”

BBC soap spoilers confirm Billy Mitchell (Perry Fenwick) will become embroiled in the custody drama concerning Scarlett, Kat and Janine. 

Kat fears for Scarlett’s safety and becomes determined to look after the youngster. 

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She’s mortified when Billy sticks up for Janine but the two families panic when Scarlett goes missing.

Janine texts Billy and they meet to say goodbye but he’s stunned when she has no idea her daughter has run away. 

She explains she had given up hope of getting custody of her daughter and thought it was best she stayed away for good. 

Janine and Billy have always shared a friendship in Walford but will the pair strike up a romance with each other?

Opening up on returning to the soap, she said: “All my stuff has been with Jessie Wallace, to begin with.”

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“There’s a lot of really fun Kat/Janine stuff, which has been really great,” she noted.

“It’s so weird when you’ve worked so closely with so many people for such a long time, then you go away and life gets in the way.

“Everyone goes in different directions, and then you come back and it’s almost like a school reunion but better. I was a bit nervous, I have to be honest. 

“It can be a bit scary just because it’s so new again, and working this much is a shock to the system, let me tell you! 

“Everyone has been amazing. Hand on heart. I’m buzzing to be here, I really am.”

EastEnders airs on BBC One on Mondays, Tuesdays and Thursdays.

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