EastEnders’ Iqra's girlfriend Ash will be revealed as secret member of the Panesars as the gangster family move in on Walford

EASTENDERS' Ash is hiding that she is a member of the Panesar family, actress Rukku Nahar has revealed.

The actress – who plays Iqra's sister Habiba Ahmed in the BBC soap – has told how her character will discover Ash's secret connection to Walford's newest residents.

Dr Ash made her EastEnders debut last month as Iqra's secret girlfriend and fans speculated she was connected to the newly announced brothers because of their shared religion.

Meanwhile her brothers arrived earlier this week and got into a turf war with Ben Mitchell by kidnapping the mother of his child, Lola Pearce, in order to get back the car Ben had stolen.

Eldest brother Kheerat sickened viewers when he threatened to harm Ben's young daughter Lexi if he didn't return the motor.

And now their connection to Ash can be revealed with actress Rukku revealing to the Sun Online how Habiba will discover the link.

Speaking at the Inside Soap Awards she said: "Habiba knows and she's quite protective of her sister so we're going to see a lot of that."

She also teased a clash between Habiba and the family and promised it would stir up the Square.

Rukku said: "They're going to be stirring up a lot of things so I'm really looking forward to doing it."

She added: "From the beginning Habiba and her sister have grown up really really close in a place where they only had each other.

"She's going to be supportive and she knows that her sister's heart is in the right place and as far as she's concerned that's all that matters."

* EastEnders airs Monday, Tuesday, Thursday and Friday nights on BBC One

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