EastEnders fans blast bosses for trying to replace Mick Carter with Alfie Moon

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    Furious EastEnders fans are blasting show bosses for trying to make smooth-talker Alfie Moon into the new Mick Carter.

    Fans were gutted when Danny Dyer departed his iconic much-loved role in December after he drowned in dramatic scenes following a car chase with Linda and Janine.

    In the aftermath of his death and with Linda disappearing from the square, Alfie has been running wild at the Queen Vic, opening it up without Linda’s permission and attempting to schmooze customers.

    But fans think show bosses are trying to mould Alfie into the “new” Mick Carter – saying it’s too soon to try and replace him and that he is “irreplaceable.”

    “Why couldn't it be Alfie who drowned instead of Mick? ffs cannot stand him. Berk. Who does he think he is opening someone elses pub! He’ll never be Mick!” blasted one viewer.

    “Losing a character like Mick is going to take some replacing and Alfie is not the new Mick the show needs a new character not a has been from the past. Please don’t make Linda and Alfie a couple she deserves better #eastenders,” echoed a second.

    A third added: “Mick not being behind that bar just doesn’t feel right I miss him so much. Alfie will NEVER replace Mick!! # EastEnders.”

    Elsewhere on the episode, Linda made a dramatic return to the soap.

    Dramatic scenes unfolded as Alfie, who opened the pub without her permission, hosted a Hawaii-themed party in the pub which was interrupted by a furious Linda.

    Linda heard about the pub being open after Kim told Sharon and she reached out to her friend to let her know.

    Later, Linda returns and accuses Alfie and the other Walford residents of not caring that Mick is dead.

    Meanwhile, when discussing the guest list for Lola's hen party, Kim put her foot in it by asking about Lola's mum. Lexi also asked about Lola's mum, but Lola couldn’t provide any answers.

    At the same time, Ben and Jay finally discussed the best man issue and he formally asked him to take on the role.

    Elsewhere, Denise warned Ravi off from Chelsea again and when Chelsea invited Ravi into Number 1, he told her wasn’t interested in her.

    Whitney considered giving Zack another chance, but later asked him to keep his distance.

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