Downton Abbey film sequel includes Heartbreaking death but who? The clue is in the title

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Fans of the popular TV show and blockbuster movie area already devastated they will have to wait a little longer to return to the magical world of the aristocratic Crawleys and their faithful servants. Its original Christmas 2021 release date has been moved back to March 2022. The first footage was revealed at CinemaCon in America this week, along with the movie sequel’s title: A New Era. Although an extremely joyous occasion was shown at CinemaCon, there is also word that there is a major tragedy on the way.

The new footage from the film showed a wedding. It could be the happy outcome of the budding new romance which began at the end of the first film. Tom Branson was shown starting to fall for Lucy Smith, who everyone believed was Lady Bagshaw’s maid but turned out to be her secret heir.  

But fans will be most concerned to find out who will die in writer Julian Fellowes’ upcoming historical drama.

A new leak bluntly revealed: “It’s heartbreak at Highclere Castle and there won’t be a dry eye in cinemas.”

The leak added: “(Julian Fellowes) has made this death so poignant. Those who have seen the scenes said they are so emotional. They really will leave fans in floods.”

The obvious candidate is Maggie Smith’s Dowager, who revealed she was battling a terminal illness at the end of the first film, but Fellowes warned against making assumptions in an exclusive interview with Express Online.

He said: “She’s not very well, but she’s not dead. There’s no indication she’s dying imminently.”

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The sequels ‘title “A New Era” certainly points to a changing of the guard. The Dowager Countess is absolutely one of the last remaining stalwarts of a previous era but so, too, are two other beloved characters.

Her son Robert, the current Earl of Grantham, has always been portrayed as staunchly conservative often struggling to adapt to a changing world, while his daughter Mary fights to move Downton Abbey into a new modern world.

Similarly, the family’s butler Carson has always been a staunch defender of the old ways. Losing either of them would be absolutely heartbreaking for audiences.

However upsetting, Carson’s death might be, it is less likely to signify the start of new era than that of Robert or his mother. 

Fellowes did hint to Express Online that the matter of who dies might be out of his hands: “We also have to see whether Maggie wishes to survive her present situation or not.”

The recent revelations have also confirmed some exciting new additions to the cast including Hugh Dancy, Laura Haddock, Nathalie Baye and Dominic West.

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