Donald Trump Won’t Let Go Of MSNBC Tech Glitch, Retweets ‘Crazy Train’ Meme

President Donald Trump, whose one-word political analysis of last night’s Democratic primary debate was a tweeted all-caps “BORING!,” followed up his review with repeated complaints about a quickly fixed MSNBC technical glitch, even jumping on a “Crazy Train” meme to double down. (See it below.)

“@NBCNews and @MSNBC should be ashamed of themselves for having such a horrible technical breakdown in the middle of the debate,” Trump tweeted last night. “Truly unprofessional and only worthy of a FAKE NEWS Organization, which they are!”

The quickly fixed glitch occurred as moderators Rachel Maddow and Chuck Todd were beginning their segment of the debate and were interrupted by hot-mic bleed-over from the previous moderators, now backstage.

Prior to the debate, Trump had directed his Twitter followers to various other accounts for “RAPID RESPONSE, FACT CHECKING, and the TRUTH!”, explaining, “Sorry, I’m on Air Force One, off to save the Free World!”

But early this morning, Trump continued his gripe about the technical glitch, re-tweeting a meme in which doctored footage of the debate is combined with Ozzy Osbourne’s “Crazy Train”, dry ice effects and Trump ambling onto the debate stage. “Trump Pence Make America Great Again! 2020” fills the screen. The doctored footage begins just after Todd asks a question about the Parkland, Florida, school shooting.

Retweeting the meme, the president writes, “Thank you @MSNBC, real professionals!”

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