Dog the Bounty Hunter Duane Chapman 'owes $1M in unpaid legal fees stemming from 2003 Mexico arrest'

DOG the Bounty Hunter, whose real name is Duane Chapman, reportedly "owes nearly $1M in unpaid legal fees stemming from his 2003 Mexico arrest."

Dog's former lawyer is seeking to collect his alleged overdue payments, according to the legal documents obtained by TMZ.

Back in 2003, the 68-year-old reality star supposedly hired the lawyer, the same one who is suing him now, after he was arrested in Mexico. 

While in Puerto Vallarta, Dog had captured the fugitive rapist Andrew Luster, according to The Daily Mail. 

Dog was apprehended because bounty hunting is considered illegal in Mexico.

After losing the case, the court decided to hit the TV star with a judgment, which was about an $880,000 fee.

Dog and his former lawyer apparently disagreed over his payments, which led to further messy lawsuits between the two. 

The bounty bunter allegedly has not paid the $880,000 fee and the added interests he reportedly owes.


Recently, Dog has been planning his wedding to his fiancée Francie Frane, 51.

In a new Instagram post, the TV personality shared a snap of Francie all dressed up in a multi-colored mini dress and cowboy boots.

Francie had a big smile on her face for the camera.

Dog was spotted in the mirror on the wall as he took the photo.

The two have been engaged since May 2020 but had to keep delaying their wedding date due to the pandemic.

The couple is expecting a large gathering at their upcoming wedding, which he might share with his followers.

Dog previously told The Sun: "I've had so many fans ask 'When you marry Francie, are you going to let your fans come?

"So we're word negotiating right now because I want to open it up. I would love to have the biggest wedding there's ever been…"

 Francie also told The Sun: "I wasn't expecting it at all.

"I think I had gone to pick up some food and then when I came back he had all the lights turned down with just a few lights on and a bunch of candles lit."


Dog was previously married to his late wife, Beth Chapman, who sadly passed away in 2019 after her battle with throat cancer.

Dog and Beth share their four children: Dominic, 35, Cecily, 27, Bonnie, 21, and Garry, 19.

The Bounty Hunter recently paid tribute to his late wife and shared a sweet video of her performing karaoke.

Beth bopped around the room and rapped while she wore a black t-shirt with black pants that had a bedazzled diamante cross down the side.

He captioned the lovely post: "Beth." 

Back in June, Dog released the promotional poster for his upcoming faith-based thriller, Hunter's Creed.

The movie star will play a widower, who has his own hunting show, who confronts his faith while dealing with a supernatural presence.

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