Does Nick Robinson have a girlfriend?

NICK Robinson is a 25-year-old actor currently starring in the FX miniseries A Teacher.

Robinson, who is originally from Seattle, has kept his dating life private.

Who is Nick Robinson?

Robinson is an actor who got his start as a child star in stage productions. 

He starred in A Christmas Carol and Mame in 2008 and landed a TV role two years later. 

Robinson has appeared in such movies as Jurassic World, The Kings of Summer, Everything, Everything and Love Simon. 

He landed a role playing a young high school student named Eric Walker in the FX series A Teacher. 

A Teacher explores the story of a high school teacher having an affair with her male student and the consequences that arise from their relationship. 

Robinson told EW that the characters' relationship was “wrong” and “dangerous” and mentioned that it happens more often than not despite the repercussions.

A Teacher has received criticism for its controversial plot involving Robinson and co-star Kate Mara.

Does Robinson have a girlfriend?

The actor mentioned his girlfriend in a recent interview with Variety but did not identify her.

He said both of them contracted coronavirus in March while they were in New York City.

We both got sick," he told Variety.

"Luckily it was very mild. We had some fevers and we lost our senses of taste and smell.

"But after that we had tested positive for antibodies, but there are questions about how long that lasts. So, yeah, I was nervous going back, but I felt pretty confident in our showrunners."

What has he said about his first kiss?

He revealed to Variety that his first kiss came more than a decade ago.

"My first was with Lauren Halbertson in the seventh grade in the basement of her friend's house, and it was on a dare," he told the outlet.

"Lauren had braces, I remember. It was a big deal."

He added: "She's the one that got away, maybe.

"I think we may have 'dated' for a few weeks in seventh grade. Hot gossip."

Who has Robinson previously been linked to?

He has previously been linked to former co-stars Chloe Grace Moretz and Taylor Spreitler, according to Distractify, but that has never been confirmed.

Moretz appeared in The 5th Wave with Robinson, and Spreitler and Robinson appeared together on the TV series Melissa and Joey.

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