Does Andrea die in Emmerdale and is Anna Nightingale leaving?

Andrea Tate (Anna Nightingale) is one of several Emmerdale residents whose lives are on the line amid the ITV soap’s huge survival week.

The wedding planner is taking part in the survival challenge, alongside partner Charles Anderson (Kevin Mathurin), as well as a host of other villagers.

She got wind of the event last week and, given all that she and Charles have been through in the past couple of months, she suggested that they partake.

Charles, while hesitant at first, ultimately agreed.

But conflict soon ensued between the happy couple, after Meena Jutla (Paige Sandhu) tried to wind Andrea up about her beau’s connection with Manpreet Sharma (Rebecca Sarker).

Manpreet, as viewers know, used to date Charles, and given that she’s recently split from Rishi (Bhasker Patel), Andrea is concerned that this spark could reignite.

We’re only a few episodes in to Emmerdale’s big week, and already a number of characters have found themselves in danger.

It is thought that one resident will lose their life during the epic week. The question is: will it be Andrea?

Does Andrea die in Emmerdale?

It is currently unknown as to whether or not Andrea dies in Emmerdale, though there’s nothing to currently indicate that she will.

Andrea has, thus far, managed to avoid finding herself in any real sticky situations amid the survival challenge, though she did narrowly avoid death when the bridge collapsed moments after she walked off it.

Tuesday’s (October 19) offering of the ITV soap saw her searching high and low for Charles, after he fell from the bridge, alongside former lover Manpreet.

Viewers will know that Charles is still alive – for now. Andrea, however, has yet to locate him, and thus she fears he could be dead.

Is Anna Nightingale leaving Emmerdale?

There is currently nothing to suggest that Anna Nightingale will be permanently leaving Emmerdale.

She revealed last month that she is pregnant with her second child, meaning that she will likely be going on maternity leave in the near future.

Anna was thrilled be taking part in the stunt week, but admitted that doing so while pregnant meant that she had to ‘listen’ to her body.

‘So obviously being pregnant I had to listen to my body, doctors, and the experts on what it was considered most safe to be a part of,’ said Anna.

‘Myself during non-pregnant times would dive into opportunities like this with full commitment but I took it day by day and consulted with those around me to make sure I could safely undertake the parts that I could in the story.

‘We’ve been working with an incredible stunt team and I built a really amazing friendship with the incredible stunt performer who was taking lead on the parts I couldn’t.’

Emmerdale continues Wednesday October 20 at 7pm on ITV.

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