Debbie and Kevin die in fridge as Ray commits murder in Corrie?

Debbie and Kevin Webster (Sue Devaney and Michael Le Vell) were left to perish in a fridge in Coronation Street tonight (February 12), after Ray Crosby (Mark Frost) sought revenge on the pair.

Ray has been planning on doing a runner, and he believed that Debbie was helping him to get out of the country.

However, little did he know that his former business partner was secretly plotting against him, as she manipulated him into signing over his businesses, and after doing so, she intended to shop him to the police.

Miles was racked with guilt as he watched Ray sign on the dotted line, and therefore he told him all about Debbie’s plan.

Ray was hellbent on revenge, and in tonight’s hour-long edition of the ITV soap, he sought such revenge.

The businessman hid in plain sight, disguising himself as a worker at the bistro.

He then stepped out of the shadows and confronted Debbie, before revealing that he knows all about her plan — making it clear that he’s not pleased.

He manhandled Debbie, throwing her into the fridge, and attempted to leave her there, but Kevin came to her rescue, as he hit Ray over the head with a frying pan!

Kev attempted to save Debbie from the fridge, but Ray saw an opportunity and locked the pair of them in, before removing both the internal and external handles — thus ensuring that they cannot escape.

The vile hotelier was later apprehended by the police, but nobody knows where Kevin and Debbie is.

The brother and sister duo prepared for a long, cold night, but will they be rescued before it’s too late?

If they die, then Ray will likely be charged with murder!

Coronation Street continues Monday February 15 at 7:30pm on ITV.


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