'Days of Our Lives': These Supervillains are Facing Off, & It's Getting Ugly

Days of Our Lives fans can finally get excited about an upcoming showdown. As Philip and Ava form an uneasy alliance, Gabi and Jake stay plotting and scheming. These two tag-teams are headed for a major showdown. But in the battle of the supervillains, who will pull off a win? Fans are speculating about the possibilities.

[Spoiler alert: Potential spoilers for upcoming episodes of Days of Our Lives are ahead.]

On ‘Days of Our Lives,’ Gabi and Jake’s alliance is designed to take down Philip

The couple that schemes together stays together. And Days of Our Lives proves that with the Gabi and Jake alliance.

As Soaps @ SheKnows reports, previous episodes showed Gabi and Jake teaming up to take down Brady. And they did quite a good job in scheming and plotting against him. That means only one thing: get revenge on Philip. After all, he did do Gabi wrong, and Jake is Gabi’s knight in shining armor.

Of course, going against Philip isn’t the wisest idea in the world. Anyone who’s hung around Salem for long enough knows that much. Besides, Philip has a bit of an ace in the hole of his own.

But Philip is teaming up with Ava to get his revenge

Meanwhile, according to Celeb Dirty Laundry, Philip is teaming up with Ava to get his revenge on his scheming ex. Philip isn’t the type to let Gabi’s little “spyware-gate” thing go so easily. But at the same time, Philip also knows he once ran afoul of the Vitali mob — and Ava is nothing if not a Vitali princess at heart. What better way to regain the trust of his former enemies than to tag-team with one of their prized princesses?

“A common enemy will bring Philip and Ava together, so they’ll join forces and hope to get some revenge on Gabi,” reports the outlet. “Naturally, Jake will be part of all that since he’s Gabi’s boyfriend and fiercely loyal. The fact that Gabi would betray Philip like this will leave him feeling hurt, confused, and completely outraged.”

Ava has no problem helping Philip out in his little revenge plot. After all, she can’t stand Gabi, and she’d jump at the first chance to see her suffer at her hands. But there’s a bit of a fly in the ointment over here: Ava has confessed her deepest, darkest secrets to Philip. That may prove to be her downfall, in the end.

In the battle of the ‘Days’ supervillains, who will win?

On upcoming episodes of Days of Our Lives, it’s all but guaranteed that these two will face off in the worst possible way. Gabi and Jake have a bit of an advantage because they’re boyfriend and girlfriend. Philip and Ava, on the other hand, are just “together” for opportunity’s sake. And there are some questions about Philip’s true feelings for Gabi.

If Philip is still in love with Gabi, he’ll want to stop Ava from going too far in her revenge quest. And Ava will definitely want to take things to the max, especially given that Gabi loves to stir the part as far as Ava and Rafe are concerned. Could Philip pull a double-cross and turn on Ava, even at the risk of earning the ire of the Vitali mob?

Now, this is all just speculation. Who knows how far this battle of the supervillains will really go? We’ll just have to tune in to upcoming episodes of Days of Our Lives to find out.

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