David Arquette Has Something To Prove To Wrestling Fans In Trailer For New Documentary

In the year 2000, actor David Arquette joined WCW after filming the wrestling movie Ready To Rumble. During his stint with the company, he won the WCW World Heavyweight Championship, which displeased some wrestling fans. Now, there’s a documentary following the actor as he returns to professional wrestling, trying to redeem himself in the eyes of fans.

You Cannot Kill David Arquette is a documentary from directors David Darg and Price James. You can check out a new trailer for the upcoming film below, which sees Arquette taking quite the beating in the ring.


The 48-year-old actor is training hard in the video with DDP, who has given former wrestlers like Scott Hall and Jake Roberts a new lease on life with his training regimen. Arquette doesn’t want to seem like a joke to the fans of professional wrestling, and is doing what he can to get redemption. He hasn’t been seen on a televised weekly wrestling show since 2010, when he teamed with Alex Riley on Raw to take on Randy Orton. In 2018, Arquette made his return to wrestling on the Wendy Williams Show and has been in the independent scene ever since, even appearing on an episode of Being The Elite.

While most movie theaters are currently closed because of the COVID-19 pandemic, You Cannot Kill David Arquette will be appearing in drive-in theaters on August 21. If you don’t have a drive-in near you, don’t worry because the movie will be available on digital platforms on August 28.

As for Arquette acting again, it was announced he’ll be reprising his role of Dewey Riley in Scream 5, which does not have a set release date yet. Arquette will be joining plenty of the original cast, including Courtney Cox, whom the actor was married to until 2013.

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