Curtis Pritchard says he can’t wait to see ex Amy Hart instead of Maura Higgins in awkward Love Island blunder – The Sun

CURTIS Pritchard accidentally said he can't wait to see his ex Amy Hart instead of current squeeze Maura Higgins after the pair finished fourth in last night's Love Island final.

Rumours have been swirling that Curtis is looking to rekindle things with Amy outside of the villa, and he seemed to have Amy on a brain in one of his post show interviews.

When asked about the former air hostess by the Mirror, he said: "Amy is a fantastic young lady but I’m very happy with Maura. She’s brought out a fantastic side of me and I can’t wait to spend time with Amy…I mean Maura…outside."

But he insisted he's yet to make contact, saying: "No, I haven’t got my phone or anything back just yet. I will be talking to Amy when I do get my phone back.

"I just want to check on Amy and that everything is alright."

Meanwhile Maura claims the couple didn't have sex on the show because she's "too loud".

During their time together on the show, Maura, 28, was seen trying to have sex with Curtis, 23, but the ballroom dancer rebuffed her advances.

Speaking to The Sun Online after leaving the villa, Maura explained her partners reasons, saying: "I think it was more about keeping people awake! Curtis knows how loud I am!"

Curtis added: "It wasn’t that I don’t like her or anything. I want Maura to experience that, and only Maura to experience that.

"We are in a bedroom with up to 14 other people."

However, the couple are still yet to consummate their relationship now they've had their first night away from the cameras.

Maura said: "We have actually not had a chance to do anything yet!"

But she added: "Let’s just say, I am sure we will get it done!"

The couple are focusing on their future together outside of the villa, and Maura said she'd love to go on Strictly Come Dancing with her man.

The grid girl has never lacked confidence, and despite finishing in fourth place on Love Island, Maura thinks they could win the BBC One dancing show, having had some dance lessons with Curtis in the villa.

She said: "Why not? I am a winner!

"Dancing is something I have always wanted to do but where I live, we don’t have those opportunities. I wouldn’t close the door to it."

Singing her praises, Curtis said: "Maura is an incredible dancer, she picks it up at the click of a finger. If you went on that show, you would be incredible."



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