Countryfile viewers in uproar over cashpoint raids report ‘Am I watching Crimewatch?’

Tom Heap reported on the rise of ATM raids in the countryside this evening but viewers weren’t too pleased with the segment. The Countryfile presenter discussed the crime while commenting on how elderly members of communities have been affected the most and are inconvenienced more because they rely on cash.

However viewers weren’t pleased with the crime segment and took to Twitter to share their opinion on airing the BBC report.

One said: “#Countryfile @BBCCountryfile I’m a huge fan of the programme and watch every week, but I don’t believe cashpoint raids in villages should be part of the programme.

“Unless I am missing something this is almost encouraging criminals to target cashpoints and agricultural machinery.”

Another sarcastically tweeted: “Excellent, outstanding work by Countryfile… Telling the criminal fraternity how much they are likely to get when stealing ATM machines from rural locations with limited policing!! #countryfile.”


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“Just tuned in – have they mentioned the #countryfile calendar yet am I watching Crimewatch with Tom Doom n gloom Heap?…,” another said.

“F*****g hell!!! Now it’s turned into f***** Crimewatch!! #Countryfile,” a fourth added.

Another questioned: “What’s occurring?? Where’s the fields, the cows, the sheep???? #countryfile.”

Some viewers shared their own experiences of the crime that’s on the rise in the countryside.

One viewer explained: “The cashpoint in our village got raided about a year ago. Took almost half year to get one back from cash zone. Which is not out of use for several months! I can get cash when at work but there are plenty of elderly who can’t!! #countryfile @BBCCountryfile.”

Another shared: “Just watching #countryfile regarding the ATM raiders. I live in a rural location and around me, I don’t think I know of a single ATM that hasn’t been raised!!!

“One of our agricultural vehicles was stolen & it is suspected that it was used in a local ATM raid actually.”

Previously, Countryfile viewers were frustrated over particular segments in last week’s Harvest themed instalment.

Helen Skelton and her fellow presenters were seen getting involved with the autumnal festivities. 

But those watching at home weren’t convinced all segments were filmed specifically for this episode.

Fans took to social media to share their concern some of the segments had been used in previous episodes. 

One viewer tweeted: “I really can’t take anymore tonight this is getting ridiculous #Countryfile really need to get back to doing what it says on the tin, continued repeats is just rubbish.”


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“Hey @BBCCountryfile why so many repeat segments these days? Badged as nostalgia but really come across as a cheap way of filling time #countryfile,” a second wrote.

Another added: “#Countryfile jump link to old footage #jerseyroyals.”

A BBC spokesperson told “At set points throughout the year we broadcast themed compilation show. 

This week’s episode was themed around the harvest and had new material alongside previously broadcast stories.”

Countryfile continues Sunday at 6.15pm on BBC One.

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