‘Counting On’: Jinger Duggar Just Got Real About Those Little Parenting Moments

Jinger Duggar and Jeremy Vuolo have been together for roughly three years, and they share one daughter, Felicity. Right now, the two are focused on watching their daughter grow. Since they only have one child, they’re able to focus all of their attention on her and not miss any small moments. And Duggar just got real on social media about watching Felicity grow.

Duggar and Vuolo aren’t in a rush to have more kids

Though Duggar comes from the same family as Michelle and Jim Bob Duggar (who have 19 children), she doesn’t appear to be ripping a page out of their book. Duggar and Vuolo started courting in summer 2016, and the two were engaged within about a month. They had a quick engagement and wed in November 2016. Despite moving quickly at first, they slowed things down when it came to having kids. Rather than have children right away, the two waited a while and didn’t welcome their first child, Felicity, until July 2018. When Counting On producers asked them if they plan to welcome any new babies in 2019, the couple said they’re only looking forward to watching Felicity grow.

The couple focuses a lot of their attention on Felicity

When Felicity was born, she quickly captured both of her parents’ hearts. Duggar, who loves photography, often posts adorable photos on Instagram of her daughter enjoying life. Felicity loves to try new things, and the two have loved showing her the world. Vuolo also seems like a hands-on parent. When the couple recently went to a soccer game, Duggar posted photos on Instagram, and Vuolo was holding the child. In Duggar marriages, the women tend to be the ones who parent the kids while the men work.

Duggar just sent a sweet message about enjoying the little things with her daughter

Duggar loves posting photos of her daughter, but her recent photo had a sweeter message than most. Felicity turned one year old this month, and Duggar has been getting sentimental about how much time flies. The recent photo was of Duggar holding her daughter in one arm and a balloon animal in the other. “Before we know it she will be running around, the opportunity to carry her in our arms having passed. So for now, we will gladly be her armchair chauffeurs,” part of the caption read. Fans chimed in to say they know what it’s like about watching their own children grow up and couldn’t agree more with what she wrote.

The two are still acclimating to a new life in California

The whole family seems closer than ever now that they’vemade their move to California. The couple drove across the country about amonth ago to start a new life in Los Angeles, and they’ve been exploring all ofthe exciting things their new city has to offer. All three of them have beentrying new food and sightseeing, plus attending sporting events. It looks likethey’ve already made themselves at home. Right now, the two haven’t mentioned havinganother child, but it wouldn’t surprise anyone if they announced apregnancy after they settled in a bit.

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