'Counting On': Could Jim Bob Duggar Sue Derick Dillard?

The Duggar family may be in quarantine in Arkansas, but that doesn’t mean the drama has calmed down. Before the world went into lockdown, Derick Dillard began speaking out about his famous in-laws, and he took specific aim at Jim Bob Duggar. Since then, Jim Bob has seemingly launched a campaign to shore up his image, and an alleged insider told The Hollywood Gossip that Jim Bob will stop at nothing to keep Derick quiet, even if that means suing his own daughter’s family.

Did the Dillards sign a non-disclosure agreement?

AmyDuggar King, the rebel niece of the Duggar family, sat down for aninterview in March 2020 with Katie Joy from Without a Crystal Ball, but shepromptly asked for the video to be pulled down. It was later revealed that Amy receivedword that she could be sued if the video remained on the internet. Amy isreportedly barred from speaking about the Duggar family because of a non-disclosureagreement she signed while appearing on the family’s reality TV show, 19 Kidsand Counting. Amy has alluded to this fact on social media, but she’sbeen happily supporting Derick’s decision to speak out.

The same, however, apparently isn’t true for Derick. Derickhas been forthcoming with information about the Duggar family. He hasshared contract information, mentioned that he and his wife were never paid forappearing on the show, and has even spilled the beans about the controllingnature of Jim Bob. So, how is it possible that he can speak, but Amy can not? Hetold Withouta Crystal Ball that he never signed any type of contract, nor did he sign anon-disclosure agreement. If that’s the case, Derick is within his legal rightsto speak about the Duggar family.

Could Jim Bob sue Derick Dillard?

Fans are pretty confident that Derick is planning to write a tell-all book. Derick, himself, has pretty much confirmed that he’ll be penning some type of publication in the coming years, but he hasn’t exactly stated what that book is going to be about. Could it ruin the Duggar family’s media empire? It’s possible, but a source speaking to The Hollywood Gossip claims that Jim Bob will work tirelessly to ensure that doesn’t happen.

A reported insider, who claims to be a former employee ofthe family, alleges that Derick has enough information to ruin Jim Bob and thatJim Bob has already employed lawyers to try and block that from happening. Theinsider told the publication that Jim Bob had hired at least four lawyers whowere combing over the family’s TLC contract to silence Derick. If Derick neversigned a contract, as he claims, it doesn’t sound like Jim Bob has a legal legto stand on.

Will Derick’s book coincide with information about thefamily’s federal investigation?

Back in November 2019, news out of Springdale, Arkansas,suggested that there was trouble at the Duggar family compound. It was initiallyreported that the FBI had raided the Duggar home. The FBI later stated thatthey were not involved in any investigation, but the Department of Homeland Securitystepped up and admitted that their department had been on hand at a Duggar ownedproperty. KNWA,a local news station, reported that an investigation into the family was ongoing,but not a peep has been heard about it since.

Online rumors also suggest that the Duggar family is beinginvestigated for tax fraud. While those rumors have yet to be confirmed, many familycritics believe there is serious weight to the allegations. If the stories aretrue, however, it could take months for further information to be confirmed. IfDerick wants to avoid legal trouble with Jim Bob, it would seem prudent to waitout thefederal investigation before releasing a book. Whether or not he realizesthat, or is strategically planning a release remains unknown, though.

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