Countdown forced to blur out VERY rude word on the board – and Rachel Riley can’t stop laughing – The Sun

COUNTDOWN viewers were left in hysterics after the show was forced to blur out a rude word on yesterday's episode.

The naughty mishap, which occurred while contestants Rob and James were embroiled in an intense battle, resulted in host Rachel Riley, 33, assembling the word w***ers.

Taking to Twitter, fans of the show couldn't contain their amusement.

One wrote: "LMAOOO @RachelRileyRR has the best reaction to w***ers on countdown, daytime TV folks #w***ers."

Another said: "Today, I have just learned that 'W***ers' is officially an acceptable answer on Countdown."

Presenter Rachel – who is currently pregnant with her first child to husband Pasha Kovalev – was left giggling after flipping over the consonant and vowel cards to reveal the rude seven letter word.

Asked what words he could make from the letters, contestant Rob said: "A bit of a rude seven."

Opponent James added: "Yeah, I have got a certain seven as well."

The incident left comedian Rory Bremner – who was in Dictionary Corner with Susie Dent – in fits of laughter as he said: "'I would have preferred swanker."

Although it was clear what the word on everyone's mind clearly was, host Nick Hewer then asked Susie for alternatives, with Susie revealing they could have chosen 'workman' or 'workmen'.

Channel 4 decided to bleep out and censor the word.

This isn't the first time the show has fell victim to an on-screen blunder.

Last year, the quiz show took an awkward turn after an embarrassed-looking Rachel Riley assembled the words 'cum budgie' on the famous board.

Other previous rude words on the show include a**e', 'clit', 'shags', 'no panties', 'vaginas', 'm***e', 'todgers', 'noshed', 'teabags', 't**t' and 'OK I squirt'.

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